I don’t believe it!

I have spent the better of 1 hour on my feet.  I now have to sit down and rest.  Then I’ll get up again and spend about 1/2 hour on my feet.  Then sit down.  Then I make cookies with the grandkids.  I now have to sleep for 2 hours and am sore for hours after that.  I love baking cookies!  I love cooking!  I love clean…whoops, not that one.  But when I finish, in fact multiple times within the cooking and baking, I have to sit.  When I’m done my feet are sore, my back is sore, and I’m exhausted!

My friend Gloria read from a book “Getting Old is Not for Sissies!”  I sure identified with that!  At this time, I have my kids so well trained, all I have to do is the “up” gesture they used when they were two years old, and they will pull me out of my chair.  Why do I need to be pulled out of my chair?!  This is ridiculous!  My old year’s resolution was to drop some pounds so I wouldn’t be in this painful condition.  I went on a diet, (ketogenic) and I must have done it wrong because I GAINED weight.  I spent time in the gym doing my physical therapy exercises so I wouldn’t limp so much.  I’m still limping.  I got on the curve treadmill and the stationary bike to build up my endurance.  I’m out of breath going up 7 stairs.   It seems counterintuitive that when you consume fewer calories, and exercise more to use more calories, that you can remain the same weight or gain.  That’s just how it is with me, so I’m not going to rant on that (again) but I sure would like to find something that works.  I feel so icky!

December 26, 2021

My grandkids didn’t help do cookies this year. Covid, traveling, activities such as concerts and ball games. The hour I spent on my feet was doing dishes from Christmas Dinner. I only did 1 batch of cookies all season–Cranberry/white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. They were delish! I am about 10 pounds heavier than when I wrote this 4 years ago. I actually HAVE diabetes. I have to prick my finger every morning. Hmmm. That’s not dramatic. It’s not a major pain, it just means I have to remember to take a pill and prick my finger every day. It’s the only med I’m on. I CAN get out of the chair by myself. My lower back pain is annoying but I can stand longer and walk longer than I used to. My feet don’t hurt. I don’t stay sore for as long–no more than 5-10 min. I gave out no baskets, only made a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread, and a couple of cranberry bread instead of the 150 we did when Jo graduated 18 years ago. I made no fudge. Dinner was small, no 25 lb. turkey this year. We will be having leftovers for a week!

I’m limping still, but not as noticeably. I’m not out of breath going up 7 steps. My silly ap says that if I continue on the calorie count as I have, I will have lost five pounds in five weeks. I find that amusing.

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