CW goes to the edge

What a drop!

What colors!

So many reds and oranges

All nestled together

Such textures rough and smooth

The wind in my face

The smell of wet rock and juniper

There is the distant cry of a hawk

Faint thunder

The clouds moving in

People run for cover

I stand in the rain

On the edge

A flash

Then a rumble

3…4…5 seconds

One mile off

Grofe plays in my mind

I wasn’t expecting echos of the storm

The rain spatters huge drops

On the pavement where I stand

Riveted to this view

Right on the edge.



3 thoughts on “CW goes to the edge

    1. For some reason, these 2 replies you posted didn’t post underneath my comment, so I never got a notification that you replied. I just happened to stumble upon them.
      To leave a link to a specific post, click on “My site” at the top left corner, then “View site”, then click on that post that you want to link, and when it opens, you will see a link to that blog post near the top (above you blog title). Once you hover over it, a “Copy” button will reveal itself (or you can manually copy) and then you can just paste it in my comment section.
      Hope that made sense and that it helps.


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