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Spring in Nebraska

Spring in Nebraska

How do I know?

I just found a Robin…

Dead in the snow

Spring in Nebraska

How would you know?

Tomorrow’ll be 90 or

40 below.

Spring in Nebraska

How does it go?

Parka above

Flip Flops below!

Spring in Nebraska?

It isn’t slow

2 minutes in and

1 minute to go!



AWARDS! You like me! you Really like me!

I have been nominated for Versatile Blogger by Benardchinua  and he writes very good stuff!  I was impressed by the way he puts things.  So being nominated by someone such as this is very precious!  Thank you Benardchinua!

The credibility test in leadership.

  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate blogs that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Share 7 things about yourself that people might not know.

I particularly like these blogs:

Here’s 7 things you didn’t know about me:

  1.  I have co-written and published 3 books ( and will be publishing a 4th in April
  2. I love stuffed pandas.
  3. I used to teach ballet.
  4. I have more metal in my hip than the 6 million dollar woman.
  5. I play a lot of instruments, including my nose.  (Very versatile instrument–you can blow it or pick it!)
  6. I am a very good knitter.
  7. I like Jacob Collier’s music.

Thanks for nominating me!




Mixed feelings

3/7/2011  Dad died

3/8/1928  Mom was born

I remember Mom and Dad with fondness


Secret Smirks

Quirks recalled

Wisdom dispensed

Mom reading Dr. Seuss

Then the horror

That tumor

The pain

The confusion

Missed events

Dad slipping away

in Alzheimer’s

The frailty

The helplessness.

I miss you both.

I remember you both.

My 4 oldest were held by you both.

My grand children don’t remember.

2 more generations and

All you were and all you did

will pass from memories.

What a tragedy.



via Daily Prompt: Branch


Breathe in

Breathe out.

Soak up sun!

Ahhhhh warmth

Ooooo cool rain




Branches fall

I fall



Root was small and weak



Old root

Life returning

Power from root!


We are one

Raw to root

Refined from root

Warmed and cooled

But now I grow strong


NOT anxious

Like a brush through hair

I’m growing

I’m extending.

New limbs

Powerful connection

Root sings to me

My birds sing back.

Strong root–

Strong branch.


What is In this world?

via Photo Challenge: Out of This World


A calm blue

lovely greens

buff in the deserts

move closer

the dark side

Bright on the edges

blooms of yellow and orange

amid the black

Lines of connection

move closer

some blues are now brownish

some of the land has cankers

disguised as progress

some holes where there shouldn’t be

If smell were a color, it would be brown

polka dots of green on the plains

move closer

dust and sound and

smell and irritants

the ball moans

it groans

a plaintive cry

ruin of something beautiful

don’t go out of this world

until you fix this one.