Mixed feelings

3/7/2011  Dad died

3/8/1928  Mom was born

I remember Mom and Dad with fondness


Secret Smirks

Quirks recalled

Wisdom dispensed

Mom reading Dr. Seuss

Then the horror

That tumor

The pain

The confusion

Missed events

Dad slipping away

in Alzheimer’s

The frailty

The helplessness.

I miss you both.

I remember you both.

My 4 oldest were held by you both.

My grand children don’t remember.

2 more generations and

All you were and all you did

will pass from memories.

What a tragedy.


1 thought on “Mixed feelings

  1. There is no tragedy in living a good life with a loving family and modest accomplishments. Your parents live on through you and everything you’ve passed on to your children, and what they pass on to their children, and so on. They also live through the students they taught, the friends they made, and the millions of little ways they affected the world around them. No one disappears from this world because the echoes of their lives are infinite. Look at our family tree. Generations came before you and for many all we know now are names and dates. But without them, there would be no YOU and without you, there would be no ME.


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