Something to celebrate!

*Plays Fanfare music*

I have,  *DRAMATIC PAUSE* Lost 5 pounds!

It took me nearly 2 years to lose 2 pounds, and then I’d gained 5 back.  It’s been 4 years since I started this blog…my 1st milestone being to get under 200 pounds.  You saw that right.  I am painfully, troublingly, annoyingly, morbidly obese.  My initial picture on this blog was me at 203.  Dropping 5 pounds from that initial weight should have been possible within a few months, and I should have been at 198.  BUT NO!  I’m at 213 and celebrating.  Isn’t that going the wrong way?  I’ve actually gained 10 pounds since 4 years ago!

Last year at this time, I was 210.9 (and that was down).  I hit 218 in October.  I got sick and was on a liquid diet for about a week, so that artificially dropped me down to 214 in November and then I crept up to 217.5 by February of this year.  It took me from April 30 to June 30 to lose 2 pounds.  For 4 years now, I have been subsisting on 1200-1500 calories per day.

I tried the Keto diet…mostly protein and fat (because the more protein you eat, the more fat is attached to it) and vegies and some fruit.  I avoided carbs like the plague.

I tried the Dr. Oz diet…eat anything you want–as long as it’s green.

I did the count every calorie diet, just reduce your portion sizes and exercise your fat off.  I had dreams of burning calories and listening to them scream as they died and fell off me.

I got weight loss videos that I cannot find (you have to read them on line and I have no idea where they are) that I paid money for and then you have to buy the products to see how it REALLY works.  The information made sense, then I priced the products…get these bottles of pills that ONLY THIS PRODUCT has in the correct proportions, with the right amount of live bacteria, in this lovely blue bottle.  AND you have to keep buying them for the rest of your life.  ACK.  And no, you can’t have any food you like because that will mess up this expensive and scientifically precise diet.

Going to the gym had been painful.  I would go in, weigh myself, sob a little, get on the machines and work on my physical therapy exercises so I could improve my gait.  I’m still limping 2 years after the surgery to fix my broken hip.  I did hip adduction, hip abduction, horizontal leg lifts front, side and back (both legs), push-ups, wall sits, plies and releves, grand battements en croix.  I would walk very very slowly on the curve walker (.5 mph) to work on my gait.  I didn’t want to be fat, weak, slow, and uncomfortable.

My injured leg can sustain my weight, though my position is not correct–I still lean toward the leg to maintain my balance.  When I release the pressure on my leg, however, it feels like someone has put my thigh bone (femur) in a vice.  It hurts like the dickens!  No one knows why this is.  I also do the stationary bike and the elliptical machine for 15-30 minutes.   So after 2 years of working with a trainer 3 days a week, 1200 calories/day, I am now still fat, still weak, still slow and uncomfortable, and now…sore!

I changed this blog to put random thoughts in.  Poetry, observational humor, rants…Because I was making no Measurable Progress!  Then, one of my students said, “Would you be open to trying some of my herbal approaches?”  I threw up my hands and said yes.  I couldn’t do worse…well I could do worse, but what did I have to lose?  She got me some cleansing herbs to rid me of the toxins in my body.  No idea what toxins I had in my body…but they’re gone now.  Then she got me some herbal pills to kill the bad bacteria in the gut, and some others to boost my metabolism.  Then we started the new probiotic pills to put the right type of bacteria into my gut, and another type of metabolic boosters.  In 2 months, I’ve lost 5 pounds!  We’ll see how this goes…

Update: 4/11/22

Keto Diet on a program. No carbs…no sugar, pasta, bread, fruit (except for raspberries and strawberries). I have avocado, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, cukes, and zucchini rotting in my fridge because I went to a summit for a week and Mark didn’t cook anything. Well, it’s HARD to cook for 1!

I hit 208 this morning.  My lowest weight was 203 in August 2015…6 1/2 years ago. My highest was 224.9 in August 2019.

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