Jurassic World II–a long way to a bad end

So it’s decades after the dinosaurs have escaped their island.  That people don’t recognize this as dangerous is, of course, par for the course.  Now, every upscale person has Compys as pets.  Responsible people naturally have them trained and neutered as they are rather prolific.  They are pack hunters so keeping the numbers down would be the prudent thing to do…but not Gerald.

Gerald believes these animals should live in their natural habitat.  He doesn’t believe in neutering or shots.  And he is vehemently against training.  One day, his compys attack and kill the mailman.  The cops arrest him and he comes to trial.

The prosecutor is relentless.  “You let them BREED?  How many do you Have?”

I don’t know.  They’re living creatures!  Humans shouldn’t intrude on natural processes!

“You didn’t train them to come to eat or how to act around humans?  At all?”

Of course not!  They’re wild creatures, they are not meant to be trained!

The defendant’s council is smiling with that grin that makes everyone on the prosecutor’s side nervous.

“So you showed a willful disregard for the humans that came onto your property or even into your neighborhood!”

They showed a willful disregard for the sanctity of these creatures’ autonomy–fencing them in and feeding them out of Bowls!

“I rest my case.”

“Does the defense have a case?” asked the judge.

“Yes, your honor.  And the prosecutor just made it.”


“Your honor, I ask that all charges be dropped.”  A gasp rises from the courtroom.

“On what grounds?”

“My client is obviously Non-Compys-Mentis!”




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