Enigmatic Jobs

OK, full story…Jobs was dating this girl and she got pregnant and he left.  He claimed he was sterile.  That’s funny since he married and had 3 kids about 10 years later.  His kid, Lisa, tried to establish a relationship with Jobs, but found him to be distant and cold towards her.

OK, so add a beard and glasses to Sheldon.  

He was NOT a warm and fuzzy guy.

Steve Jobs had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and his daughter by Chrisann Brennan went to see him.  She doused herself with rose water perfume and went in to give him a hug.  He told her she smelled like a toilet.

I wanna go to HIS house!  The toilets smell like roses?  Mine doesn’t smell like that!  It smells of bleach and air freshener and, well, you know…

Reminds me of the air freshener saleswoman.  She’d had a cream cheese bagel and stepped onto the elevator when the inevitable happened.  As she was the only occupant, anyone stepping into the elevator would know who the culprit was.  But as a saleswoman, she was prepared and sprayed the whole car with pine scent.  Sure enough, a man stepped onto the elevator car and took a whiff.  He started to smile.  “Oh.  You’re smiling.  Is that good?”  The man replied, “Smells like someone sh!t a pine tree.  I was just checking the floor for pine needles.”

Steve Jobs last impression of his daughter was the smell of a toilet?  If I’d been her, I would have farted on my way out of the room.

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