Phish Tales

Why are those that choose to use phishing to get private information such idiots?  Now I know that they’re successful enough of the time to continue in this behavior, but I’m not sure how.

1st of all, when you spend so much time replicating the notices that legitimately come out on occasion, the font, the logos the wording (and I’ll address that next), why do you have a return address like this:

  •  Apple Payment <>
  •  Apple Support <>

That would seem to send up some red flags don’t you think?  Outwardly, these look like legit mails.  But now, I scroll over the senders to see if they have interesting addresses.

Next, when you are attempting to get information from the receiver, shouldn’t you make your message as clear and understandable as possible?  How hard is it to get spellcheck to work?

Your membership has reached ilJKO6fnG3qtlJKO6fnG3qslJKO6fnG3q lJKO6fnG3qexpiry daYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEtYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEeYTYMDJUXNMIIBCE YTYMDJUXNMIIBCEiYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEnYTYMDJUXNMIIBCE YTYMDJUXNMIIBCEsYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEpYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEiYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEtYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEeYTYMDJUXNMIIBCE YTYMDJUXNMIIBCEoYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEfYTYMDJUXNMIIBCE YTYMDJUXNMIIBCEtYTYMDJUXNMIIBCEh9292Qn3832XWMORe9292Qn3832XWMOR 9292Qn3832XWMORr9292Qn3832XWMORe9292Qn3832XWMORm9292Qn3832XWMORi9292Qn3832XWMORn9292Qn3832XWMORd9292Qn3832XWMORe9292Qn3832XWMORr9292Qn3832XWMORsytymdjuxnmiibce ytymdjuxnmiibcesytymdjuxnmiibceeytymdjuxnmiibcenytymdjuxnmiibcedytymdjuxnmiibce ytymdjuxnmiibcebytymdjuxnmiibceyytymdjuxnmiibce ytymdjuxnmiibceeytymdjuxnmiibcemytymdjuxnmiibceaytymdiytymdlytymdlytymd
T9292qn3832h9292qn3832eZQMM6MFA1Vr9292qn3832eZQMM6MFA1Vf9292qn3832oZQMM6MFA1Vr9292qn3832eZQMM6MFA1V, wZQMM6MFA1VeZQMM6MFA1V mZQMM6MFA1VuZQMM6MFA1VsZQMM6MFA1Vt9292qn3832 l9292qn3832oZQMM6MFA1VcZQMM6MFA1VkZQMM6MFA1V yZQMM6MFA1VoZQMM6MFA1VuZQMM6MFA1Vr9292qn3832 AZQMM6MFA1Vp9292qn3832p9292qn3832l9292qn3832eZQMM6MFA1V IZQMM6MFA1VD9292qn3832 t9292qn3832eZQMM6MFA1VmZQMM6MFA1Vp9292qn3832oZQMM6MFA1Vr9292qn3832aZQMM6MFA1Vr9292qn3832iZQMM6MFA1Vl9292qn3832yZQMM6MFA1V f9292qn3832oZQMM6MFA1Vr9292qn3832 sZQMM6MFA1VeZQMM6MFA1VcZQMM6MFA1VuZQMM6MFA1Vr9292qn3832iZQMM6MFA1Vt9292qn3832yZQMM6MFA1V r9292qn3832eZQMM6MFA1VaZQMM6MFA1VsZQMM6MFA1VoZQMM6MFA1Vn9292qn3832(sZQMM6MFA1V).
iytymdnytymd ytymdoytymdrytymddytymdeytymdrytymd ytymdtytymdoytymd jYHtDoOAEjgjYHtDoOAEjrjYHtDoOAEjujYHtDoOAEjajYHtDoOAEjnjYHtDoOAEjtjYHtDoOAEjejYHtDoOAEjejYHtDoOAEj jYHtDoOAEjtjYHtDoOAEjhjYHtDoOAEjejYHtDoOAEj jYHtDoOAEjcjYHtDoOAEjojYHtDoOAEjnjYHtDoOAEjfjYHtDoOAEjijYHtDoOAEjdjYHtDoOAEjejYHtDoOAEjnjYHtDoOAEjtjYHtDoOAEjijYHtDoOAEjajYHtDoOAEjljYHtDoOAEjijYHtDoOAEjtjYHtDoOAEjyjYHtDoOAEj jYHtDoOAEjojYHtDoOAEjf18535274514776245523 18535274514776245523y18535274514776245523o18535274514776245523u18535274514776245523r18535274514776245523 18535274514776245523d18535274514776245523a18535274514776245523t18535274514776245523a18535274514776245523,18535274514776245523 18535274514776245523y18535274514776245523o18535274514776245523u18535274514776245523 18535274514776245523w18535274514776245523i18535274514776245523l18535274514776245523l18535274514776245523 18535274514776245523n18535274514776245523e18535274514776245523e18535274514776245523d18535274514776245523 18535274514776245523t18535274514776245523o18535274514776245523 18535274514776245523c18535274514776245523o18535274514776245523m18535274514776245523p18535274514776245523l18535274514776245523e48.253.168.96t48.253.168.96e48.253.168.96 bjropnxcdeybjropnxcdeobjropnxcdeubjropnxcderbjropnxcde bjropnxcdeAbjropnxcdepbjropnxcdepbjropnxcdelbjropnxcdeebjropnxcde bjropnxcdeIbjropnxcdeDbjropnxcde bjropnxcdetbjropnxcdeobjropnxcde bjropnxcderbjropnxcdeebjropnxcdebjropnxcdeabjropnxcdecbjropnxcdecbjropnxcdeebjropnxcdesbjropnxcdesbjropnxcde bjropnxcdeabjropnxcdesbjropnxcde bjropnxcdeubjropnxcdesbjropnxcdeubjropnxcdeabjropnxcdelbjropnxcde bjropnxcdebbjropnxcdeybjropnxcde bjropnxcdecbjropnxcdelbjropnxcdeobjropnxcdecbjropnxcdekbjropnxcdeibjropnxcdenbjropnxcdegNX84 NX84tNX84hNX84eNX84 NX84lNX84iNX84nNX84kNX84NX84bNX84elJKO6fnG3qllJKO6fnG3qolJKO6fnG3qwlJKO6fnG3q lJKO6fnG3qalJKO6fnG3qslJKO6fnG3q lJKO6fnG3qsNX84oNX84oNX84nNX84 NX84aNX84sNX84 NX84yNX84oNX84uNX84 NX84rNX84eNX84cytymdjuxnmiibceeytymdjuxnmiibceiytymdjuxnmiibcevytymdjuxnmiibceeytymdjuxnmiibce ytymdjuxnmiibcetbjropnxcdehbjropnxcdeibjropnxcdesbjropnxcde NX84eNX84mNX84aNX84iNX84lNX84.NX84.

That’s what happens when you copy and paste the message.  The actual message that shows up is this:

Your membership has reached its expiry date in spite of the reminders sent by emaill Therefore, we must lock your AppleID temporarily for security reason(s).  in order to gruantee the confidentiality of your data, you will need to complete the renewal of your details.  Please update your AppleID to re-access as usual by clocking the link below as soon as you receive this email.

Thanks you

Apple Support Team

Wouldn’t it be an expiration date instead of an expiry date?  How many emaills did they send? It seems that someone who is not a native English speaker sent the mail or they wouldn’t have used reason(s) either.  What is a gruantee?  They get confidentiality spelled right, but mess up guarantee?  How do you Clock a Link?  Thanks you?

I know, this is a weird thing to rant on, but for heaven’s sake, I get 2-3 of these a week from Apple, and from PayPal and FaceBook and a nearly every service you can think of.  All of them are badly done with incorrect capitalization, misspelled words, awkward syntax, and horrific grammar.  AND!!!!  They can have all these abominations of English in only 3 sentences?!!  At least the Nigerians have a legitimate reason for foreign-sounding mails!  So yes it seems weird to take such care to spoof messages from legitimate companies and then screw up the message.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to HELP them get better, but goodness gracious, it hurts my brain to read them!



1 thought on “Phish Tales

  1. Indeed. Don’t help them. Maybe they will never figure it out, and never learn.
    The thing is that people like you and I check this and that (address), but there are plenty others that don’t. They just see it’s from Apple (or wherever) and they freak out. It’s enough to click on a link to fix this? Or call them? Sounds easy enough.

    Yes, I, too am disgusted by their crappy techniques, but I’m grateful that the bells and whistles that go off when I get these are there.

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