Uh Oh…

Received this:Creepy home invader

12/1  Elf arrives at house with naughty/nice list and Elf’s name is at top of Naughty list.

12/2 Elf empties flour on kitchen floor and makes “flour” angel

12/3 Parent calls 911 about home invasion.

12/4 Elf arrested for trespassing, vagrancy and vandalism.

12/5 Elf posts bail with the money he stole out of Parent’s pockets.

12/6 No sign of elf, but All belt loops on dress pants in closet cut off. Chef’s knife missing from kitchen.

12/7 Tiny foot prints outside parents’ bedroom window and all the left shoes taken from Mother’s closet.

12/8 Parents up all night with weapons of mass destruction getting no sleep whatsoever.

12/9 Parents late to work and groggy from lack of sleep.

12/10 Elf posed on night stand next to alarm clock with very large, very sharp knife.

12/11 Sheriff’s department orders psyche evaluation on parents. Elf poses unobtrusively on mantel. No sign of knife.

12/12 Mother committed for further evaluation. Father commits elf-iside and buries remains in sand box in back yard.

12/13 suspicious hole in sand box, and tiny sandy tracks into back door of house into basement.

12/14 No sign of elf, but seems to be something scurrying in the walls of house…

12/15 Elf, sitting on couch with head in lap turns TV way up and is watching Chucky.

12/16 Family moves to remote Island in the North Sea…

12/25 Package hand delivered by a Giant with a pink frilly umbrella that says: Merry Christmas! See you next year, Signed Elf.

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