Not so merry maids…

One of my students, a good friend of mine at the tender age of ahem ahem, suggested I get a cleaning service to help out.  I got brave and called and a very very nice lady named Marian answered and got my information.  She paused when, after she asked me about whether it was dusting on a regular basis, I laughed.  I am rather depressed about the condition of my house.  If you ever watch “Hoarders” they haven’t anything on me.  So she proposed that she come in and see what needed to be done.  The poor woman nearly ran screaming from the house.  She was talking about dusting and organizing and vacuuming, and I was thinking chiseling, shoveling and a large dumpster…or 2.

She didn’t leave me high and dry however…she left me the number of an arsonist and an explosives expert.

Well, I’m having my bathroom remodeled so that’s not going to happen.  Then she suggested I get a deep-clean company to work on one room at a time, and once they have cleaned the detritus out, I could call her back to do dusting and vacuuming and organizing…  I’m picturing a large van with guys in hazmat gear and a flamethrower.

2 thoughts on “Not so merry maids…

  1. Well, one thing at a time. Don’t give up at the first hiccup. Having a professional crew do deep cleaning is a great idea. Those weekly cleaners are great for keeping up, but you have years of back-up to get through. The first steps are always hard, but I’m pleased to see you are trying.

    In the meantime, there are things you can do yourself. Like picking a room to focus on. Whenever you get a spare minute, devote it to fixing one thing about that room.

    Example: the front entryway. Go through the closet and donate all the unused jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves. Then sort the board games. Then clear out the boots. Maybe put in a storage bin for all the vacuum attachments. And you can do a little something every day or tackle the whole thing over a weekend. Leave the dusting for the maid.

    I don’t know if you remember me cleaning the kitchen. It took me a week and I did it in stages so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. You CAN do this, especially if Dad helps.


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