But Not for Me (CW Prompt)

“Write a poem from the perspective of a pirate ship captain writing to the woman he loves.”
 a prompt for this week’s CW piece.

I hear your voice in the wind

I see your eyes in the lightning

The smell of your breath

in the scent of the exotic flowers.

I long to be with you, my love.


I hear my destruction in the storm

I feel death’s needles in the lightning

The smell of blood and decay

in the ships that I prey upon.

I would not wish you here, my love


The Sea calls to me

The treasure draws me in

The blood-lust clouds my mind.


My love calls to me

Your soft touch draws me in

Your kiss clears my mind.


On my ship, I see my own death.

In your arms, I see life. And yet…

My foolishness drags me back

into the arms of Davy Jones.

You are my Love, but your

Love is wasted.

Save your love for one who is not

Drawn to the sea.

Your love is precious–

But not for me.


2 thoughts on “But Not for Me (CW Prompt)

  1. Your piece is just phenomenal. That was the message and style I had in mind when sitting down to the prompt (Well, actually, I was standing up when I wrote it, but anyway..), but then it just didn’t come out that way.


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