So THAT happened…

I have a tension headache. I don’t usually get headaches. This is going on a week long. If I have a headache, it usually over in a couple of hours. Must be lots of tension huh…

  1. I am trying to clean out my garage and was looking to hire a pro. He asked for pictures so he could get me an estimate. I sent the pictures. Haven’t heard from him since.
  2. The reason I’m trying to clean out my garage is that the owner sold the building out from under our office. I found out June 1. The office was locked and my key didn’t fit the deadbolt so I can’t get my furniture out. I contacted the owner’s wife and she found out about it at the same time I did. My manager had not made contingency plans, or if he did, he only told a handful of people. The day the owner was available to unlock the building, we left to go to the company convention in Atlanta. So we couldn’t get it done that week.
  3. My manager moved the office to another state. I have to get relicensed in that state for my Managed Account Investments. I have to change my office address to the new state and send a caveat stating that since I do not hold an insurance license in that state, I cannot sell insurance to people in that state. Seems like it would be a foregone conclusion that if you’re not licensed in that state you cannot sell insurance to residents there.
  4. It seemed like a hassle, so I contacted other coworkers out of that office to find out how they were reacting to this situation. Some weren’t bothered by it. Some were livid. I was bothered, but the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Still, I didn’t express this in my communications. I was frustrated by the short (read no) notice.
  5. Word leaked out that I was looking for options, and then my manager posted on Facebook that I was spreading misinformation. That’s lying, isn’t it? I got a cryptic message telling me not to spread rumors to his team. Rumors? what rumors? I was asking questions and looking at options.
  6. Why oh why didn’t I go directly to my manager and get all these questions answered personally?  Could it be that we were informed via Facebook? Not individually, not an email to all the people in the office, not a call, not face to face, no emergency meeting (with at least 1 day’s notice…not hours), no discussing options, just an announcement that we have moved the office to a different state. Reminded me of that movie where Robin Williams gets fired by a parrot.
  7. Went all the way to company convention and spent 4 days there and no contact with the manager. No meet-ups, no group pictures, no contact. The building owner is also at the convention. No meet-ups, no group pictures, no contact. I made no attempt to contact them either. It’s obvious to me that I should make the first move, and you know what? I think they should.
  8. Hired a U-Haul to get my furniture out of the office today.
  9. The cherry tree has cherries that need picking.
  10. Garden is completely overgrown.
  11. Kitchen sink and counters completely full of dirty dishes.
  12. I’m such a Debby Downer that people are avoiding me.
  13. Added $1500 to our credit card for the trip to Atlanta, and now have $1350 in registration fees for the Toastmaster convention in Denver in August. Took 2 weeks off in June to make the trip, so reduced lesson income (1/2!) in June. Nearly all income from July will be used to pay off the card, then we travel to Denver in August and charge it up again. the $1300 doesn’t cover travel, food, parking or hotel costs. We’re reimbursed by the District for part of the cost since my hubby is a District officer. The key is reimbursed. It means we carry the balance and pay the interest on the debt until they pay up.
  14. Cooked up cherries in the juice extractor and set my stove on fire. Put about 1/2 a cup of soda on it to put it out…The butter was on the stove, and it melted and ran into the burner and then caught fire. Cleaned up the mess, then, when moving the sugar to the counter, set it down wrong-side up and spilled a pound of sugar on the same stove.
  15. I still have no place to put my furniture. Though I found a storage facility for the time being.
  16. Since I involved multiple people from different teams, I am charged with dismantling a chain of command and could possibly be brought up on charges.
  17. It also seems that the people that want to bring charges have had access to any of the emails that went (privately) between my friends and me. The only way this could have happened is if one of those on the list showed the emails to these people. Reading through these messages, I find no prosecutable conversations, but they obviously think they have. These people in charge also believe they can win should it come to adjudication, and I have no doubt they are familiar enough with the inner workings of the company that I would have a very slim chance of judgment being in my favor.
  18. I have a very great deal to lose if I leave the company. I believe in the concepts and their administration of principles. I love their approach to building up their company, and I respect my manager’s right to do his department his way. I just don’t agree with it is all, and I guess that makes me a jerk.

So where’s my case of Excedrin?

2 thoughts on “So THAT happened…

  1. Oh, boyyyyy. This sounds unbelievable. Utterly ridiculous. We should be so thankful for Facebook, huh? And yea, never put anything in an email, even if you think it will remain “private”. Plenty of rats on the ship.


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