Lovely ride

Truly!  Do you appreciate the beauty that surrounds you?  I had a wonderful drive to a little town North and East of my home. The sunset was spectacular and the way it reflected off the temporary lake was awe-inspiring. The flight of the pelicans and the bobbing of the ducks and geese were poetry in motion. The gentle crashing of the waves was so soothing. I bet you think I live in California, or in Minnesota with all those lakes, but of course, Minnesota is getting snow right now. Could I be in Washington or Oregon? Noooooo, I’m in the midwest. No, I’m not near Lake Michigan or Lake Superior.

Let me clarify:

The waves were crashing along the interstate.

The ducks and geese were landing on what used to be a farm equipment building.

The temporary lake was a cornfield flooded to the point where you couldn’t tell there was anything but water in it.

I’m in Nebraska. We had a 6-year drought from 2002-2008. We were also at the center of that Bomb Cyclone. We are STILL suffering from the flooding in March as a result of that cyclone. Lincoln, Nebraska, got snow but Omaha was cold and sunny.

But it sure was a pretty drive.

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