Repost, just because…

Life is meaningless with no point or purpose except to replicate itself.  Egad!  We’re viruses! We’re Mayflies. We’re cancer on this beautiful planet full of other cancers. SOOOOOOOooooooo. What’s for lunch?

How could anyone go through life with that kind of philosophy? If you’re a type of cancer, blast yourself off to another planet and infect that! Imagine the movie!  “Attack of the Btsfplks” starring Tom Cruise and Danny Devito. Devito plays an innocent Martian-type citizen who comes across this frightening, over-tall, ageless being with impossibly white and dangerous teeth and a horrible attitude. He and Dustin Hoffman have to convince this evil creature that life has meaning and he should go back to his home planet and get his act together. They convince Robert Deniro to tell some jokes to cheer the creature (played by Cruise). Take that plotline any direction you want. It will not end well.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the US. That would have to be a Nihilist’s worst nightmare.

“THANKFUL? You want me to be THANKFUL? For infecting the planet? For destroying the ecosystem? (It’s ok, that’s life too and also a type of cancer like us, so we’re doing the planet a favor.) For…wait a minute…don’t interrupt me! For being the only goo-infested planet in the solar system and dreaming of infesting other planets?” 

Um, pretty much. For rational creatures, Nihilists make absolutely no rational sense.

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