30 books?

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a bibliophile.

“Hi Rebecca”

It’s been years since I read any new books, but that doesn’t stop me. I’ve read old books, re-read favorites, bought new, bought on sale, bought on a whim…

Marie Kwon says you should only keep what sparks “joy” and when I’m in my library, I’m ecstatic!

I have another 5-shelf bookcase in my kitchen that I need to bring up, but I don’t think that will finish up what I need to put away.  I may need a 5th one.  Notice how I even have books on top of the bookcases?

I’ll have you know that I had these bookcases custom made. The builder and I picked out every board for the project. I stained and put polyurethane on them, then my handyman put another coat of polyurethane on them, and my son finished them up (putting the polyurethane on the bottom shelf I cannot reach.) We have an impressive collection of Tom Clancy, Jeffrey Deavers, Earl Stanley Gardner, Isaac Asimov, Michael Connely, Terry Pratchett, Robert Asprin, and Christopher Moore. We have 1 full bookcase devoted to Science Fiction and another devoted to Crime/drama. 30 books? We have nearly 30 shelves of books. They are in a wide range of conditions: brand new and shiny with their dust jackets intact, or ratty, loose pages with covers 1/2 ripped off from years of reading. Do they spark joy? Still? More than ever! We have another full bookcase in my music room, and my hubby will be filling his favorites bookcase with some of the ones he loves the most. Those would be the 3-foot bookcases.

I have to put away the rest of the books so I can rearrange my knitting cubbies and get the last bookcase up here to fill that one. Easier Said than Done! Storing the stuff from my husband’s office in my office makes it rather crowded and inefficient. We have to remove the wallpaper and then paint the room and get an area rug for his office before we can call the project close. We then have to relocate the stuff stored in my office, move and rewire the modem, put up the curtains, and, and, and…We also have to finish cleaning out the garage where there may be more, gasp, books. I thought we’d be done by Tuesday. Looking at my list, I may be done on A Tuesday, 2026.

I just want to sleep…she says staring at the WordPress screen at nearly midnight.

4 thoughts on “30 books?

  1. This speaks to my soul. We’ve definitely trimmed down our books once or twice, but that’s mostly getting rid of books that we have digital copies of. We had an easier time dumping hundreds of DVDs. Now, I try to keep my book purchases digital (unless it’s a special edition/book I want signed one day). But now we’re buying books for Charlie and I have zero willpower in that direction.


  2. Oh, my word, yes, indeed. Love. Yesterday was my wife’s birthday. I wanted to get her something special, of course. She likes unusual candlesticks, so I stopped by a couple of thrift stores on my way home from work to look for some. Didn’t find any candlesticks, but I arrived home with twelve ‘new’ books. Mmhmm. I enjoy all of the authors you mentioned, but I was especially delighted to see Terry Pratchett on the list. Most of my friends are clueless about Discworld. Also, I have been compiling a collection of vintage Erle Stanley Gardner volumes (and reading them, of course). And if you don’t have Asimov, you don’t have a sci-fi section.


    1. We also have Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, and a tremendous number of Anne McCaffrey in SF, and Rex Stout (Nero Wolfe) and Kathy Reichs (Bones). Mark Twain, Shakespeare, and even a copy of Moby Dick which is quoted in EVERY. SINGLE. STAR TREK. MOVIE! You saw the bookcases…I still am putting away books, and stacking them sideways and up on top of the bookcase. My husband is putting some in his room, and we’re looking for places to put other shelves in the bedroom and living room.

      “You should donate those or sell them to the 2nd hand bookstore.” HA! You’ll have to pry them out of my cold dead fingers…even the college statistics book from the class I tutored.

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