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Rewatched HP 4-8. The ending of the fight with Voldemort and Harry and the ruins of the school were very poignant. Voldy turns to dust, but 19 years later, Hogwarts is still a boarding school. There’s that one scene where Argus Filch looks around and sighs and starts pushing the debris with his broom. I hope they hired some help!  I couldn’t imagine Filch on the roof replacing the roof tiles after Harry is chased by the dragon in Goblet of Fire. There were major repairs to be done at the end of every HP movie.  Poor Filch!

At the end of every war, pick one, it doesn’t matter, there’s an Argus Filch with his broom starting the cleaning up process. Life goes on. I dare you to watch any of the Star Wars movies and not picture Argus Filch with his broom in the last scenes.

It is a striking effect: Battlecruisers appearing out of nowhere and coming to a dead stop after traveling light speed. Why aren’t the passengers mush after that? If they’re wearing seat belts, they’re cut in half and thrown to the front of the ship. If they’re standing, they’re dashed across the front bulkheads. (And there’s Argus Filch with his broom… and a mop!)

Why can our heroes run through the ship and without stopping to take aim fire heart shots at every soldier, and the soldiers standing still can only hit our heroes in the arm or miss them entirely? And what is the purpose of those armored suits that look like plastic when a single shot can kill them? Bodies and broken ship parts everywhere! (And…there’s Argus Filch with his broom.)

And why is it that when electrical systems are hit with high-volt energy beams from scary bad guys, when the beams are blocked, the devices come back to life?  I accidentally washed a cute little mug that had flashing lights in the base. There’s no coming back from that, but their much more delicate and crucial electronics just pop back on?!

There was a comparison of Die Hard to Harry Potter…  A guy running all over the tower avoiding Alan Rickman. Wanton destruction!  Where was Filch?

Is a Chinese Soup supper Won Ton destruction?




2 thoughts on “More musings

    1. All it seems to do is encumber the wearer, reduce his view, and make an easy target.
      “Here put on this armor.”
      “What’s this sign?”
      “It’s the symbol of the empire.”
      “Red Concentric Circles?”
      “Of course! Aren’t you loyal? Aren’t you committed?”
      “Do you have something in camouflage?”

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