Well, it’s better than…

My hubby had a colonoscopy. You may now return to your regular blogs or back to Facebook.

Unintended consequences: “Should I post my procedure pictures online as selfies if I didn’t take them myself?” he asks. Something to ponder.

We also now have a new comparative that is wonderfully versatile. “Well, it’s better than having a camera up your bum!

Oh MAN!  Avian Flu!  You’ve been sick for a week! Are you ok? “Well, it’s better than…

OH NO! You slid off the side of a mountain and got a tree through your back seat! “Well, it’s better than…

We’re on our way home and the temperature is in the 20s and the wind is about 35 and there, at the construction site near the road, are these guys working on the latest senior living apartments. And we say, “Well, it’s better than…Then we look over and one of the guys is pointing at us and saying to the other guys, “Oh MAN…That guy looks like he spent the morning with a camera up his bum!”

“Hello, Mr. Citizen? This is the IRS and I’m calling to schedule an appointment for your Audit.” “Well at least it’s better than…” “Well, sir, that depends entirely on where you’re hiding your money, doesn’t it.”

How’s YOUR day going?

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