Impossible Whopper

OK!  I must get my 2 cents in.

If you were truly Vegan, did you make that choice because you believe plants are a better source of nutrition than animals, or because you love animals and don’t believe they should be used for food?

In either case, how long have you been a vegan? Why do I ask? Do you remember what meat tastes like? How would you know if the burger tasted like meat if you don’t remember what meat tastes like? Why would you want your plant-based food to taste like animal-based food if you’re protesting the use of animals for food?

If you’re not vegan, why would you spend $2.50 more for an Impossible Whopper if it only approximates a real meat burger? What is the purpose, then, of introducing a product that tastes like meat to vegans who protest the use of animals in food? Why charge more for a product that convinces non-vegans it is meat when they can get meat for much cheaper? What if this concept goes viral?

Arby’s:  “We have the meats…and the fake meats”

McDonald’s: “I’m tolerating it.”

Wendy’s: “Where’s the beef?” (Don’t need to change that one!)

Ok, it was 4 cents.

4 thoughts on “Impossible Whopper

  1. Every time I see the commercials I think the same questions, and they are seriously logical, mindblowingly good questions. Have we lost our ability to think??


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