Oh the Places you’ll go…

Real Life Fairytale Places

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Hotel at the top of Rigi Kulm, Switzerland

Glacier Park, USA

Prague Astronomical Clock Tower, Czech Republic

Salzburg castle and part of the town, Salzburg, Austria

Piazza San Marco including Catedral San Marco in Venice, Italy

The Sistine Chapel Illusions. | OUTLOOK

Inside the Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy

Thun Castle in Switzerland

Angebot 3_Passeport Legende, Ort, Region: Vieille ville de Gruyères, FRIBOURG REGION Fotograf: Sandra Mumprecht Quelle und Entstehungsjahr: Sandra Mumprecht, 2012

Gruyeres Castle in Switzerland

Cathedral in Innsbruck, where everything that looks like silver or gold is silver or gold.

Yosemite National Park

Indian Cave State Park, Nebraska

These are the Fairy Tale places I’ve been to.  I am so blessed!  This is an abridged list.

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