Stupid things that make me crazy

I watched some Longmire…When Walt, the Sherriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, has a speech to give, he always stands the same way–weight on left foot, right foot forward and head tilted. If there’s a plot point, they close in on his face.

The background music for this show is an E5. That’s a power chord consisting of E and B. It’s not even a complete chord. There may be a little descant which is a variation on this chord, but over and over? The guitarist plays it in the lowest range of his guitar as a 3 note chord, and then plucks those same 3 strings one at a time. This is accompanied by low toms on the drumset in a typical country/western rhythm.

I also watch NCIS and Criminal Minds, and though there’s music that accompanies the action, I can’t tell you what it is. No clue what key it’s in or the instrumentation. Whenever they want to make a point, Rossi is face forward, Penelope is from a lower angle if she’s worried, and from an upper angle if she’s profound. Morgan is always slightly profiled as is Reid. Gibson is face forward. Emily is face forward. JJ is slightly profiled.

Leverage? Nate Ford is face-forward and head slightly down when he’s menacing and sober, profile and head up when he’s drunk. Parker is face forward, but none of the rest ever look directly into the camera. When they’re in the planning stages of the con, it’s a flute with rock and roll drum beat. When they’re sneaking around, it’s a bass guitar solo in 10ths.

With all these action shows, they never, ever, EVER, play the same chord all the way through the show, over and over on the same instrument.

They should buy the guitarist for Longmire a capo so at least he’d get a couple of new notes.

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