Monthly Archives: April 2020

We’re in this together?

One of the first things that make reaching your goals possible is doing it with a partner. You go on walks together, go to the gym together, work on a science project together, work on a sales program together

I’m in Toastmasters, and the whole set up is based on weekly, biweekly or monthly meetings where together we learn the skills of public speaking (because we’re alllll massive introverts and speaking in front of 2 people is a challenge!), leadership (because we alllll hate those interminable meetings where the guy stands up with a power point with scads of useless information in mouse font and then READS it to us for 2 1/2 hours) and setting and reaching goals. I have learned how to listen, how to be succinct, how to increase my vocabulary, how to lead in baby steps, how to give criticism in the form of an evaluation rather than dressing someone down. The essence has been in the format–physically getting together and practicing skills. With the thousands of members around the world, we’ve found a way to do this without physically being in the same room. So we’re in this together…apart.

I’ve gone to my opera lessons on Skype! I’ve ordered my pizza and my new bed sheets and my Fire stick online. We went to the Wildlife Safari and the line was so long we changed our minds and went to Mahoney State Park. In order to get in, we needed a state park pass. I had to go up to the admin building, call the number on the door which rang the lady working at the desk, and then when she came to the door, I slid the money through the space between the door and the jamb, and she slid the sticker through the door to me. The guy at the entrance to the park had a big barricade so that people couldn’t pull up within the 6 foot mark. He couldn’t take money or give out stickers because it would put him and everyone that came into the park in danger of contracting the virus.

People have found a way. We do what needs to be done together, apart. So I looked up lyrics and song titles and album titles and books with the word “together” with the intention of substituting the word “apart” and ended up, 15 min later watching the Muppets perform Bohemian Rhapsody. NEVERTHELESS…When you get something under your skin, like your students or your clubs or your activities and it hurts to be separated, you find a way. When you have a goal or a dream that screams to get out, you find a way. So with the virus doing everything it can to separate us and keep us from doing the things that need to be done, that beg to be done, that require an us and a we not an I or a me, we do it together, apart.