Water was I Thinking?!

The LAST day of my water challenge.

I made it! What did I learn? I need soft water.

It wasn’t a fair experiment. When you do an experiment like this, you can only change 1 thing or the variables muddy up the results.

I started drinking water as my only beverage, but I didn’t take into account that I was teaching less and there was less physical activity as well. I didn’t take into account the meals I was fixing as opposed to catching food when I could in between lessons and meetings. I didn’t take into account all these rainy days curtailing my gardening. I forgot a whole bunch about the healthy eating habits I had acquired over the years.

There were just too many variables to show any results. However, I’m not going back to little or no water and just milk, tea, coffee, pop.

2 thoughts on “Water was I Thinking?!

  1. I didn’t take into account that we were starting potty training this month, which induced heavy drinking (for me). Life happens, unfortunately. I’m going to focus on simply upping my water intake this month. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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