Seth Godin’s Blog

Let the experts be experts. If it were easy enough to do after watching a youtube video, why would we need experts? Wouldn’t a diligent person, having watched all the videos and studied all the online information available be able to perform like an expert? It takes life experience to contribute to your expertise? Oh.

He’d rather stuff be done by an expert. I’d say check the credentials first. Surgery by a surgeon is good. Surgery by a tree surgeon, not so much. Surgery by a certified doctor is good. Surgery by a doctor certified delusional and OCD may not be as good. (No the organs have to be in order according to SIZE!) And check the diploma on his wall to make sure the names match. Dr. Frankenstein might be a good choice if you have multiple organ failures, but not your first choice if you have hepatitis.

An unskilled laborer who was over 500 years old with no experience in ship-building built the ark. It sailed for about a year before it was grounded. The Titanic was built by experts…it lasted 4 days.


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