Son of a Bit…

Dragon (pronounced DrayGon) and Tenielle, FBI. Nobody gets it, except that guy down the hall. He stopped, then he turned around and looked at us. Did you see that Dean? Yes, he looked like he recognized us. I don’t know him. Do you?


Very little signs of a struggle. Yes, I know you’ve given the story to the police. We’re not the police. Shane is a monster, and we hunt monsters. No, Nothing you say will make us think you’re crazy. Have you felt any cold spots? any odd smells like sulfur? Flickering lights? That’s right, the lights were off. Anything seem off about Shane? No? Did you notice anything weird about his eyes? Ah, yes, it was getting dark wasn’t it. So tell us about his attacker. Did he splash any water on him? Shhh Dean, I have a theory…

He didn’t. How did he take him down? Just threw him? Then he injected him. Thanks, we’ll get back to you when we know something.

Which way did that tech go? Who’s that parked on the crime scene? Why didn’t they rope off the back? I got the license plate. Let’s see where our guy is going.

Quickly they ran down the stairs and got into the Impala. They followed at a distance. No one would ever suspect FBI guys driving an Impala. Wow. Well we can rule out going home. This is really a blighted area. Perfect for our friends in low places. Wait, where’d he go? Dam! Followed too far behind. Park over there, and we’ll split up. Are we thinking the tech guy is the demon? Yes he sure looked suspicious.

Hey? It’s dark. My eyes won’t open and my hands are restrained. My feet too. Cement floor. I try to call out to Dean, but my mouth is taped shut too. I hear a scuffle and a plop and a sigh that sounded a lot like Dean. He’s close. Someone is using duct tape. How long have I been out? I hear the knife come out of its sheath. He’s got the demon knife now. Dean’s out. I feel the guy’s presence near my head. He roughly rips off the tape over my eyes, but I can’t see his face. He’s wearing an apron and a blood shield like they do in the morgue.

“What the hell is this? And why were you following me?”

“How do you not recognize a demon knife when you see it?”

“A what?”

“I’m not saying another thing. I’ve been tortured by the devil himself, you don’t scare me.”

“Good for you.” He put the tape back over my eyes and mouth and just walked away.

I heard some screaming. Then, “Ah. This works much better.”

Dean started to stir. We’d been in this position so many times, we had a box knife blade sewn into the back belt loops. We quickly got the tape off and snuck into the room where the screams were coming from. Then we heard laughter.

“You can’t do that. How can you do that?”

“Boy, you have no clue what you up agin’ do ya white boy.”

The demon was loose. Dean signaled that he’d take out the tech and that I should go for the demon.

Dean ran to tackle the lab geek and the lab geek threw him against the wall. I went for the knife.

“What…three against one?”

“Hold on. You’re trying to kill the demon?”

“The what?”

Dean came up from behind and put the tech in a choke hold. This always works. Dean is on the floor groaning and the geek is still standing.

“Are you a hunter?”

“You could say that.”

The demon charged. The geek ducked and grabbed his arm, twisting it behind his back. The demon caught him on the side of the head with a head butt, and the tech loosened his grip. The demon grabbed an iron rod and was going to pound Dean and the geek with it. Dean dodged and swept the demon’s legs out from under him.

The geek grabbed the demon knife and started to cut the demon’s throat. I yelled, “Stab him in the heart so he doesn’t smoke out! Then close your eyes!” And he did! He didn’t even hesitate. The demon glowed and screamed and disintegrated.


“We have the ID of the owner of the meat suit and just have to burn the bones.”



“You said you were a hunter.”

“Yes, I hunt monsters”

“We hunt monsters, and you hunt people.”

“I hunt people that are monsters.”

“We hunt monsters that look like people.”

“Ever hunt anything like this guy?”

“Yes, um, no, and then again, yes.”

“Sam and Dean”

“Not Captain and Tenielle?”

“Not exactly…”

“Dexter Morgan.”

“Here’s our card, if you ever come up against a meat suit with a monster in it.”

“Here’s my card, if you ever come up a monster that doesn’t explode when you hit it.”


Because…you never know.

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