So man, I just got kicked to the curb! Like literally! The Man just walks into my apartment without knocking, kicks over all my cooking and gets up in my grill about how “We don’t do that kinda thing here.” Well he should check out apartment 6 D… she’s no Hooters girl, she making some bucks there!

Then the Super comes by and says good riddance. Helps to have friends in high places! Like he’s got friends at all. So I says, “Yo man you drop a dime on me I’m a cut you up!” He grins and says there had been complaints to the man. And I know Exactly who. Walkin’ down the hall with his little banjo under his arm like Deliverance boy, goes for lessons with the bitch down the hall.

Got my cuz to help me move my shit, but I’m a pay that Hoe a visit before I leave. Maybe give her a parting gift. Huh, didn’t find my stash though so I got at least something to tide me over. I think I need me some of that now.

I’ll jes take a couple of hits and go bang on that door…or… better yet. Ya, that’s the ticket, I wait for her all quiet like. She’ll never even see me coming. Besides, with the key I got, I could get all up in her nasty stuff. Ya she thinks she has a panties gnome that steals her stuff from the laundry. Well, it’s not from the laundry.

We’ll see who gets the better end of this: me or her. I bet it’s not her.

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