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I was working on a new post, and because I’m always trying to become better, I read that I should keep my posts under 600 words. Preferably in the 300 range. OMG. I looked at my posts on all of my sites and discovered my average is about 1000 words.

When I start writing, it isn’t stream of consciousness. I plan what I want to say and what stories I should include. I am careful on detail and description. I think for quite a while before I commit my thoughts to the blog.

Lately though, I have been challenged to write pieces that are 100 words or less. 6 sentence stories. Poetry is a particular challenge. You have to distill your thoughts and feelings down to their essence. I makes my brain sweat!!

It takes more thought and planning than long tomes. I must find exactly the right words to express my thoughts most efficiently. As a result, my Toastmasters speeches are more succinct and have more impact. I am updating a part of a chapter I’ve written for our new book, “Spotlight on the art of Gratitude.” This is going to take a lot of thinking.

Try using poetry as a starting point. Let me know how that goes!

Just a little blood

  • Genre: Horror
  • Action: Shaving
  • Required word: filter

No murder weapon. No motive. Just a dead, bloodless body in the tub.

He was so young, not even fifteen years old. How could something so horrible happen to a kid. The detectives studied the room, the body, the members of the household. They looked at diaries and phone records. Everyone loved the victim. There were no grudges.

The investigator removed the plug for the tub, and there, in the filter, something glinted. He used a magnet to retrieve it. A razor blade.

“Son? How did you cut your fingers?”

“I was just going to shave him…”

Just fifteen.


Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole - Willis Music

Unforgettable–that’s what you are.

Unforgettable–though near or far…

Nat and Natalie

Father and Daughter

A duet separated by

time and space.



Memories from

decades ago.

Little things we experience

that bring those people to mind.

The smell of rolls

The crunch of gravel

The sun’s reflection on the lake.

Jesu Joy from the

balcony at midnight.

The night spent in

the car in Idaho.

Joe Morello in our

Living room.

Band Camp.

The wedding music and

your eyes glistening.

St. Paul’s outside

the Walls in Rome.

The time and space

between us melts


Unforgettable, in every way.

Net Work

(Woohoo! Double Ping!)

Before you fly

You learn to land.

Before you soar

you must be grounded.

You must be one

with the net…

How it acts, how you react

How you work together.

Can you abuse your net?

Can your net abuse you?

Inherent trust

The net flexes

It stretches

It returns to shape

Falling badly

bones broken and


You don’t return to shape.

You must be part

of the net that

supports others.

How we give support

is how we get support.

The net work

must benefit all.

The net works

when we work together.

Work the net

let the net work.