Net Work

(Woohoo! Double Ping!)

Before you fly

You learn to land.

Before you soar

you must be grounded.

You must be one

with the net…

How it acts, how you react

How you work together.

Can you abuse your net?

Can your net abuse you?

Inherent trust

The net flexes

It stretches

It returns to shape

Falling badly

bones broken and


You don’t return to shape.

You must be part

of the net that

supports others.

How we give support

is how we get support.

The net work

must benefit all.

The net works

when we work together.

Work the net

let the net work.

7 thoughts on “Net Work

  1. This is beautiful and powerful. I feel like I’m reading this both in the context of trapeze and of life itself (of course, they are one in the same). Thank you for linking to my piece on the Safety Net. And I referenced the prompt and love the quote there from Sam Keen, who wrote a book about flying trapeze that I read 18 years ago when I first started my love affair with the art. Beautiful synchronicity.


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