I was working on a new post, and because I’m always trying to become better, I read that I should keep my posts under 600 words. Preferably in the 300 range. OMG. I looked at my posts on all of my sites and discovered my average is about 1000 words.

When I start writing, it isn’t stream of consciousness. I plan what I want to say and what stories I should include. I am careful on detail and description. I think for quite a while before I commit my thoughts to the blog.

Lately though, I have been challenged to write pieces that are 100 words or less. 6 sentence stories. Poetry is a particular challenge. You have to distill your thoughts and feelings down to their essence. I makes my brain sweat!!

It takes more thought and planning than long tomes. I must find exactly the right words to express my thoughts most efficiently. As a result, my Toastmasters speeches are more succinct and have more impact. I am updating a part of a chapter I’ve written for our new book, “Spotlight on the art of Gratitude.” This is going to take a lot of thinking.

Try using poetry as a starting point. Let me know how that goes!

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