They LIED!

On Dec 26, I entered my meals for the day, my water, and my steps. I hit “Complete Diary” for the day and it told me that if I continued to eat the same way, in 5 weeks I’d weigh 212.5 pounds. Daily averages were 1300 calories, 121g carbs, 50g protein. I’m averaging much less now. 967 calories, 56g carbs, 62g protein. I should weigh 212.5 right? Dec 26 I weighed 218. Today, 5 weeks later, I’m at 219.

4 thoughts on “They LIED!

  1. I had to change my diet about five years ago due to an autoimmune disease. I needed to lose weight as well (I was about 190-200 pounds). I followed Steven Gundry’s list of what to eat and not eat to avoid “lectins”. I have now been around 160 pounds for a few years.

    I am not a professional dietician. It might not work for you, but it worked for me.

    Basically this is what I do. (1) I do a 16 hour intermittent fast between two meals. (2) I avoided certain foods such as breads, meats, corn, potatoes, sugar, corn oil, beer, and juices. (3) I added in oils such as coconut oil (in coffee), olive oil for stir fry vegetables and free range eggs, sweet potatoes (baked in a toaster oven, replacing bread) and nuts (not peanuts).


  2. You ever think maybe we don’t have any idea how bodies work. Like, maybe all the conventional wisdom on how we absorb nutrients is just based on nothing but assumptions based on how individuals work? There are tons of diets and they all say they’re based on science but the *actual* science is so complex and variable that you need maybe six different doctorates to understand it.

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  3. It’s more cathartic to say they lied than to say they had no clue and it was a guess at best. It is exactly what I’ve been saying for 8 years. The “laws” of physics, mathematics, and biology do not apply to me.


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