Interesting review

It’s not a movie, a book, or a restaurant…It’s my blog from Day 1 to today.

It started in March of 2014. I was disgusted with myself. It wasn’t so much how I looked, but how I felt. I used to teach ballet and then I couldn’t get out of a couch. I had hiked the iceberg Lake trail in Glacier National Park (9.6 miles) and now walking around the block left me exhausted. Activities I loved were now not possible. I felt awful. So I started on this route.

I had had a trainer before I started this blog. I had actually gotten down to 187 pounds after a particularly bad week with an upper respiratory infection. Then the weight started piling on. I hit 200 pounds and was struck with the realization that real people my height don’t weigh 200 pounds. Today, I have been on this KETO diet since March…so about 2 months. I have successfully dropped below the 208 pounds I was when I started this blog. The last time I weighed this little was August of 2015.

Wt: 203

Activity: Sporadic walks around Lied trail and sometimes at the Safari Park. Nothing consistant yet.

Now, I’m at 202.

9/5/2022 Update

wt: 199

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