Any difference?

Top picture was February, Bottom picture was May.

No wonder no one has noticed a difference. There is one though…

Top picture was from Sept of 21. Bottom picture is today. Although my progress is measurable, it’s not noticeable.

Guess the difference in weight…

5 thoughts on “Any difference?

  1. Differences:
    In the first pic you’re smiling.
    Your hands don’t look as swollen in the second. Your shirt looks a little looser as well.

    Honestly, if you want to see dramatic changes, wear form-fitting clothes for your pictures. Baggy clothes and jeans hide a lot of your figure, so any physical changes would have to be dangerously dramatic to be apparent in them.

    Also, the real question is how do you feel? What’s most important? Looking better in jeans and a tshirt or looking after your health?

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    1. What I don’t feel on this new eating plan is hunger. Oh, yeah, I get hungry when I have meetings that start at 7:00 AM and go until noon so I don’t get my breakfast on time. It seems all my clothes are baggy. I don’t have anything form-fitting. Even my skin is baggy!


  2. The reason for no smile is that I can’t take a picture and know where the button is without looking. So I scowl at the phone and accidentally take a picture before I can smile at the mirror. I inhale mightily on selfies.


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