Let me help…

I hate this. I wanted to get into my bank account to check my balance because I was out of the country. Good idea right?

I did NOT get international calling access. Bad mommy. Why would I need 500 texts from people showing me their breakfasts or giving me excuses why they didn’t practice this week? I turned my phone to Airplane Mode and left it there. But I signed into wifi at the hotels I stayed at.

In order to see my bank balance, I had to get into the Banking App which doesn’t use face recognition, put in my super-secret password, and then wait for my verification code which…you guessed it, is TEXTED to me. Read previous paragraph. Well, that won’t do. But there is an option! Yes, you can have them call you. Hmmmm. If they allowed facial recognition or, what… biometric recognition on my PHONE instead of my DESKTOP, that might mitigate the need for me to spend all that money to use this feature 3 times in 2 weeks. But no.

So in traveling all over the UK, after the 1st week, I had no idea what my balance was.

Do you want your account to be secure?
yes, that would be nice.
Let me help you. Now you have double verification!
oooh! neat! how do I access my account now?
Wait…you wanted ACCESS? That would not be secure!
um…I have my password.
Well, the 2nd verification requires a phone with a plan that allows for international calls.
I can’t get international calls.
See how safe it is?


So now my account is so safe the only ones that can get into it are the bank and my creditors. Argh.

4 thoughts on “Let me help…

  1. I had double verification on when my phone refused to start. I needed to use the emergency keys as an alternate to getting the key from the phone. It was complicated.


  2. That’s why I dislike double-verification. Why do I have to be glued to my phone when I access something on my computer?

    Throughout all these years, I went abroad ONCE with no ability to receive calls/text (due to someone assuring me that they enabled something on the plan, but apparently they did not as I found out while abroad). It was AWFUL!

    I’d recommend getting a local sim card, but that would give you a different number and not help with with authentication (unless you are somehow able to switch the number to which they send the code).

    Some mobile carriers offer better add-ons than others but whatever it is, I say – do it. In today’s world, peace of mind is well worth it.


  3. A. Why tf don’t they have email as your second verification option?
    B. How did you track your account before apps? Smoke signals, right?
    C. Why are you worrying abt your balance on vacation? PARTAY

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  4. A. Email is not one of their options. Because.
    B. Before, I took cash instead of using my debit card, so I was always worried about losing my wallet. I would stash pounds or krona or Euros all over my luggage and after a couple of days, I’d forget the hiding places!
    C. If you’re using your debit card during the vacay, and you partay, you might miss a mortgage payment because of a low balance. Had to know when (or if) to switch to the credit card. Keeping the receipts is good, but then you have to do conversions into USD to make sure you had transferred enough money into your account.


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