Unintentional consequences

See Gizmos.

I got the Garmin watch. It’s a touch screen. It has more features and benefits than any watch should have. Well, there are always unintentional consequences. It’s connected to my phone. So when I’m getting Facebook notifications, texts, and phone calls (especially spam), and mail notifications, I check my watch because it buzzes.

To do this, I lift my wrist and look at the watch…

So my Garmin thinks I am walking and I get step credit! I’ll take it!


4 thoughts on “Unintentional consequences

  1. I have met my steps goal by sitting all day and crocheting hahaha.

    I have a Garmin, too (Garmin Lily, it’s purple!). It was tricky to pick out bc I’m not the target market. Not a runner or golfer or fisher, I guess. I went into the app after I got mine and customized what it tracks (sleep, bp, stress, steps, etc). Also limited the notifications so my arm isn’t buzzing all the time. And the extra features I don’t use, I ignore. I am a little annoyed that I can’t remove running as an activity. At least it’s pretty.


  2. I’ve been thinking about getting such a watch for this or that, but they all seem to come with SO many features that I would have to try to switch off (if possible). You should definitely consider switching the notifications off. I can only imagine how annoying that is. Your arm vibrating feels like getting shocked after a while – I don’t find it pleasant.


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