Work in Progress

I started on Friday. I got the yarn from Jo as a present last year, and I traded 1 addiction for another. I found I was spending an average of 7 hours/day on my phone! When I was done, I had nothing to show for it but a sore shoulder and wrist from holding the dam thing without changing positions! Now, I spend much less time on my phone and some on my knitting and when I’m done, I have a sweater to show for it.

I have to tuck ends in and such.

It has an invisible cast on, and it’s knit from bottom up on circular needles. Then it divides at the armholes and connects again at the shoulders. The sleeves are also knit in the round and then sewn on. What’s cool is that it’s an asymmetric sweater. The pattern stitch you see is on the left front and back, and the right side is plain. I start the divide tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “WIP

  1. THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! I’m also working on a sweater. It’s top down, so did the front shoulders, then joined the back shoulders at the seam so no stitching later, then started going in the round after the armhole. I already had to restart it bc my gauge was waaaaaay off. Even using some leftover yarn from another project, I was gonna run out before I even got to the sleeves! The body is finished and I’m abt halfway done with the first sleeve. It’s funny, I picked up crochet again for the same reason: I was trying to get off my phone!


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