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I had a wonderful time at Ant Man and Wasp!  Such innovative fight choreography!  Such fun in the imaginative scenery going to the quantum level…but

The shrinking technology is based on the assumptions that you are reducing the space between atoms.  There is a reason that certain distances between atoms exist.  The inner pressure of the atom prevents incursion of other atoms.  It is like stuffing people into an elevator.  If you were to put all the people into a blender, they wouldn’t take up as much room and then you could put more people into the elevator.  I could see how the blender might be objectionable to people going to meetings or on their ways home.  The fact is this:  even if you eliminated the space between people, the mass of the people would remain unchanged.  500 pounds of people is 500 pounds of people, whether intact or blended.

(I have to apologize, I’ve been watching too many “Bones” episodes.  So this gooey example may not entice you to read the rest of the blog.  Have no fear!  There are some funny moments coming!  Read On!)

What does that do for our plot?  A couple of things come to mind.  How heavy do you think a building is?  Tons and tons right?  So if they shrank the lab building, even if they managed to put it on a dolly or hand cart, it would crush the hand cart and you still would be unable to move it.  Superman would have problems with it.  Not even John Cena could do it.  So we suspend our belief for just that moment where they shrink the building, put it on a hand cart and throw it in the back of the van.  (Picture the bottom of the van hitting the pavement with the front up in the air, all 4 tires crushed.)  Then they try stealing it, grabbing this building and throwing it around.  We’re talking tons of steel, glass and concrete being caught one handed by someone who has problems moving their luggage in the airport.  Wait, it gets better.  Our heroes get the building back and in order to escape the bad guys, shrink the van they’re driving with the building inside.  It is now matchbox sized and that makes a 30 story building the size of a dime.  When you get that many atoms into that small a space, wouldn’t the temperature go up?  They’d have to do some major Air conditioning to cool it so it wouldn’t explode.

Here’s the kicker…this building is sitting in our sidekick’s LAP.  Think about it.  You have a multi-ton building with temperatures approaching several 1000 degrees sitting in this guy’s lap.  I’m thinking this might be a tad uncomfortable.

Then our heroes shrink themselves down to the quantum level.  Wait.  Quantum physics involves energy and particles on a scale smaller than atomic scale.  So you’re taking something made of atoms and making it smaller than atoms.  What could go wrong?  What happens when you shrink the distance between the atoms and then compress the atoms to be smaller than atoms?  Black hole?  oops.  Then you release the pressure on the guy to let him return to regular size.  I’m not sure any release of the pressure could be gradual, and you are moving from nano-sized to human sized in a matter of seconds…  Sounds like an explosion to me.  Think mushroom cloud.

What happens when he expands to 60 some feet?  Same number of molecules in his body, just further apart.  Like a balloon.  I would think he’d have some cohesion challenges.  “Oh NO!  My head just floated away!”  Lord help him if he sneezes!  He could blow himself into another county!

So yeah, it was a very enjoyable movie and I fully intend to buy the DVD when it comes out.  But, consequences people.  Consequences!



Jurassic World II–a long way to a bad end

So it’s decades after the dinosaurs have escaped their island.  That people don’t recognize this as dangerous is, of course, par for the course.  Now, every upscale person has Compys as pets.  Responsible people naturally have them trained and neutered as they are rather prolific.  They are pack hunters so keeping the numbers down would be the prudent thing to do…but not Gerald.

Gerald believes these animals should live in their natural habitat.  He doesn’t believe in neutering or shots.  And he is vehemently against training.  One day, his compys attack and kill the mailman.  The cops arrest him and he comes to trial.

The prosecutor is relentless.  “You let them BREED?  How many do you Have?”

I don’t know.  They’re living creatures!  Humans shouldn’t intrude on natural processes!

“You didn’t train them to come to eat or how to act around humans?  At all?”

Of course not!  They’re wild creatures, they are not meant to be trained!

The defendant’s council is smiling with that grin that makes everyone on the prosecutor’s side nervous.

“So you showed a willful disregard for the humans that came onto your property or even into your neighborhood!”

They showed a willful disregard for the sanctity of these creatures’ autonomy–fencing them in and feeding them out of Bowls!

“I rest my case.”

“Does the defense have a case?” asked the judge.

“Yes, your honor.  And the prosecutor just made it.”


“Your honor, I ask that all charges be dropped.”  A gasp rises from the courtroom.

“On what grounds?”

“My client is obviously Non-Compys-Mentis!”



Ren Faire!

Ren Fairs are interesting…

It’s where people may or may not dress up as they think people would have dressed up in the 1200-1700’s.  500 years of fashion stuffed unceremoniously into a market.  Oh and it may be Renaissance or Fantasy.  You’ll see people with horns and wings and feathers.  They’ll wear midriff baring outfits and nun’s robes.  They’ll wear faux pirate gear and costumes that include armor from 4 different countries and 3 different centuries of manufacture.  They’ll wear $400 boots with a “I made this myself” fairy costume.  They’re selling wooden swords, beer steins, and games.  You want a weapon?  There are plastic and aluminum copies of authentic arms, and light sabers.  Tacky jewelry to works of art can be 2 tents from each other.

Turkey legs–smoked and served in aluminum foil and a paper basket or fish ‘n’ chips seem to be the popular food.  Why is this funny?  No turkeys in Europe until 1550’s and then not to common people.

But…I love Ren Fairs!!!  The choreographed fights, the belly dancing, the fake English Accents (because all Renaissance fairs are English) the trolls and creatures and costumes, and those dam turkey legs.

I got to thinking.  Did the people in the Renaissance have 1C Fairs?  Did people dress up in Roman and Greek outfits?  Would the tourists dress up in their favorite apostle garb?  Everyone would have had to speak in a very bad Greek or Latin accent.  They’d have to lose the colorful outfits they wore and choose plain peasant robes.florence-celebrations

(Yes, those are authentic outfits from the Renaissance.  These below were designed by Michelangelo…not the turtle, the guy that did David…)

Ren outfits

Go to the 1C fair!  Wear a sheet!  Might have different pagan gods, fair folk, leprechauns, and other mythical creatures on display and wandering on the midway, and those that still worship those gods waiting for the lightning to strike.  Instead of jousts and such, they could feed the Christians to the Lions at 1:00 3:00 and 5:30 shows.  (No not REAL lions!  They wouldn’t get volunteers that way!)  They could serve Roman Pork and wine and some beer from Goth.  The Goths would wander around the fair and threaten the civilized people dressed as Romans.  It could be fun.

Or you could go REALLY far back and have Ark-Fest!  They could have a large boat on display with all sorts of zoological exhibits.  They could have a rain dance!  They could throw fake rocks at each other!  They could close the Festival every night by having 1 guy at the top of the tower yelling through a megaphone, “Was that Thunder I heard?”

Why Can’t I Bitch About My Non-Flying Car Now?

Quite an insight!

Puppettron's Blog

The other day, my friend Qwill posted a little something to her blog about social networks and work, which got me thinking about a lot of issues with Freedom of Speech lately.  Her little piece on her own experience with social networking and the workplace reminded me that there was a lot of things we are now being restricted from doing for no real good reason anymore.

We’re all well aware of the restrictions to free speech that the vast majority of us were down with immediately after 9/11.  Sure, many of us are still incensed about the whole thing, and most of us thought that Freedom Fries was about the dumbest thing we’d ever seen, but for a good 3 months or so, all but the most hardcore rights activists were

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Democracy is Something We Believe in, for Some Reason

Egad! The boy was born in the wrong decade! Should have been here in the 60’s. The protests of the 60’s cannot happen now. Our voices are being shunted off to the corner of ambivalence and ineffectiveness so our representative government represents no one!

Puppettron's Blog

We spend a lot of our time talking about democracy here in the US, which is hilarious since we’ve never really had one. Sure, we’re a republic, which runs off representative democracy, but even then, we’ve done everything in our power to ensure that we don’t have a democracy and rationalizing our actions against it as necessary to preserve it. It’s like we’re building a house, but deliberately leaving out the foundation and load-bearing walls while insisting that the lean-to that we’ve ended up with is better than the house because the things we’re leaving out can be used to destroy the house we wanted.

For a democracy to work, you need the unfettered voice of the people. That’s something we’ve literally never had though. When the Great Experiment started, they restricted the vote to land owners, and the electoral college was put into place to actually do the voting…

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Offensive vs Offending

Deep stuff here! I love it!

Puppettron's Blog

One of the strange things to come out of the culture wars of the 10s is a weird argument over the sharing of opinions. I mean, other than ideological battles and literal nazis coming back into view. Man, this decade is completely fucked up, isn’t it?

So, a lot of what’s going around, particularly in the pictures-with-words memes is this idea from the ideological right that everyone’s problem with the things they say is that they’re personally offended by those things. It is, in fact, a big part of the culture there that they’re these brave folks who’re speaking their mind in the face of cultural marxism or whatever and that we need to get over our butt-hurt and be real men or whatever. It’s basically a big joke where the whiny liberal SJW can’t change the channel and ignore the things they don’t like, stemming from a real fear…

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Something to celebrate!

*Plays Fanfare music*

I have,  *DRAMATIC PAUSE* Lost 5 pounds!

It took me nearly 2 years to lose 2 pounds, and then I’d gained 5 back.  It’s been 4 years since I started this blog…my 1st milestone being to get under 200 pounds.  You saw that right.  I am painfully, troublingly, annoyingly, morbidly obese.  My initial picture on this blog was me at 203.  Dropping 5 pounds from that initial weight should have been possible within a few months, and I should have been at 198.  BUT NO!  I’m at 213 and celebrating.  Isn’t that going the wrong way?  I’ve actually gained 10 pounds since 4 years ago!

Last year at this time, I was 210.9 (and that was down).  I hit 218 in October.  I got sick and was on a liquid diet for about a week, so that artificially dropped me down to 214 in November and then I crept up to 217.5 by February of this year.  It took me from April 30 to June 30 to lose 2 pounds.  For 4 years now, I have been subsisting on 1200-1500 calories per day.

I tried the Keto diet…mostly protein and fat (because the more protein you eat, the more fat is attached to it) and vegies and some fruit.  I avoided carbs like the plague.

I tried the Dr. Oz diet…eat anything you want–as long as it’s green.

I did the count every calorie diet, just reduce your portion sizes and exercise your fat off.  I had dreams of burning calories and listening to them scream as they died and fell off me.

I got weight loss videos that I cannot find (you have to read them on line and I have no idea where they are) that I paid money for and then you have to buy the products to see how it REALLY works.  The information made sense, then I priced the products…get these bottles of pills that ONLY THIS PRODUCT has in the correct proportions, with the right amount of live bacteria, in this lovely blue bottle.  AND you have to keep buying them for the rest of your life.  ACK.  And no, you can’t have any food you like because that will mess up this expensive and scientifically precise diet.

Going to the gym had been painful.  I would go in, weigh myself, sob a little, get on the machines and work on my physical therapy exercises so I could improve my gait.  I’m still limping 2 years after the surgery to fix my broken hip.  I did hip adduction, hip abduction, horizontal leg lifts front, side and back (both legs), push ups, wall sits, plies and releves, grand battements en croix.  I would walk very very slowly on the curve walker (.5 mph) to work on my gait.  I didn’t want to be fat, weak, slow, and uncomfortable.

My injured leg can sustain my weight, though my position is not correct–I still lean toward the leg to maintain my balance.  When I release the pressure on my leg, however, it feels like someone has put my thigh bone (femur) in a vice.  It hurts like the dickens!  No one knows why this is.  I also do the stationary bike and the elliptical machine for 15-30 minutes.   So after 2 years working with a trainer 3 days a week, 1200 calories/day, I am now still fat, still weak, still slow and uncomfortable, and now…sore!

I changed this blog to put random thoughts in.  Poetry, observational humor, rants…Because I was making no Measurable Progress!  Then, one of my students said, “Would you be open to trying some of my herbal approaches?”  I threw up my hands and said yes.  I couldn’t do worse…well I could do worse, but what did I have to lose?  She got me some cleansing herbs to rid me of the toxins in my body.  No idea what toxins I had in my body…but they’re gone now.  Then she got me some herbal pills to kill the bad bacteria in the gut, and some others to boost my metabolism.  Then we started the new probiotic pills to put the right type of bacteria into my gut, and another type of metabolic boosters.  In 2 months, I’ve lost 5 pounds!  We’ll see how this goes…


AWARDS! You like me! you Really like me!

I have been nominated for Versatile Blogger by Benardchinua  and he writes very good stuff!  I was impressed by the way he puts things.  So being nominated by someone such as this is very precious!  Thank you Benardchinua!

The credibility test in leadership.

  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate blogs that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Share 7 things about yourself that people might not know.

I particularly like these blogs:

Here’s 7 things you didn’t know about me:

  1.  I have co-written and published 3 books ( and will be publishing a 4th in April
  2. I love stuffed pandas.
  3. I used to teach ballet.
  4. I have more metal in my hip than the 6 million dollar woman.
  5. I play a lot of instruments, including my nose.  (Very versatile instrument–you can blow it or pick it!)
  6. I am a very good knitter.
  7. I like Jacob Collier’s music.

Thanks for nominating me!