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Prayer for a Preschool

Hold me
Hug me
Kiss me
Love me

Calm her
Soothe him

Feel my heart
Hear my song
Fall into my voice
Rock with me



I love you
I love you



Not so merry maids…

One of my students, a good friend of mine at the tender age of ahem ahem, suggested I get a cleaning service to help out.  I got brave and called and a very very nice lady named Marian answered and got my information.  She paused when, after she asked me about whether it was dusting on a regular basis, I laughed.  I am rather depressed about the condition of my house.  If you ever watch “Hoarders” they haven’t anything on me.  So she proposed that she come in and see what needed to be done.  The poor woman nearly ran screaming from the house.  She was talking about dusting and organizing and vacuuming, and I was thinking chiseling, shoveling and a large dumpster…or 2.

She didn’t leave me high and dry however…she left me the number of an arsonist and an explosives expert.

Well, I’m having my bathroom remodeled so that’s not going to happen.  Then she suggested I get a deep-clean company to work on one room at a time, and once they have cleaned the detritus out, I could call her back to do dusting and vacuuming and organizing…  I’m picturing a large van with guys in hazmat gear and a flamethrower.

With Great Power…

With great power comes great responsibility.

With great responsibility comes great power.  Why don’t more people seek it?  Seek responsibility!  Help out with the Boy/Girl scouts.  Become the librarian for the community band.  Join the library board.  Run for school board.  Do you have a special talent or interest that can benefit your community?  Why not contribute?  Why not teach a finance class?  Why not start a walking club?  Why not teach an immersive language course?  Why not write a book?

People wait around for someone “More Qualified” to do something because there’s stuff they’d rather do.  Like what?  You work, and then come home, and not work.  We don’t cook anymore because it’s easier to have it at your finger tips in a minute or so in drive through than to get out the pots and pans and actually have some food in the fridge.  We don’t join clubs anymore because we can Facebook or tweet or Instagram instead of actually getting together with people.  We don’t go to church because we can watch Hallmark movies (and we don’t have to sing!)  We can scream our outrage with memes and political rants and then claim “Not My President!” because we didn’t vote for anyone.  We also didn’t run for office.  “If we don’t take responsibility, we don’t have to take the blame,” we think.  Wrong.  The responsibility is still there.  If we shirk the responsibility off to someone else, it is a choice that we will be judged on.  Could you have done a better job?  If so, why didn’t you take the job?

Yes, it is stressful.  Yes it requires diplomacy.  Yes it requires the best of you: your intellect, your energy, your persistence, your ability to solve problems, your relationships with your team, your interest in the project and the fact that you actually care about the outcome.

When my dad was starting to go downhill due to his age, I was the one that shouldered most of the responsibility.  I did his finances, I visited him (2 hrs down, 1 hour visit, 2 hrs back), and had to deal with his paranoia and his rants.  I had to deal with his hospital stays and his confusion.  I had to put the house up for rent.  I had to hide his car so he wouldn’t drive.  I had to set up his bills and get his taxes to his accountant.  I had to work out his will.  I was playing the martyr.  Then my brothers stepped up.  We moved him to a nursing facility that was 10 minutes from my younger brother, and he and my youngest made sure he got good care.  They dealt with the worst of the dementia.  I am so grateful for that!!  But when it was the three of us, no single one felt the weight of the responsibility all the time.  I got the house and the plane sold, invested the money, and made sure his bills were paid.  My brothers visited him at the facility, took care of the health issues, and made his last days bearable.  As a team, we all worked together, and individually, we all learned something from the experience.

When good people seek responsibility to their communities and their families, good things happen.  They don’t seek power, but the power they gather as a result of taking responsibility allows them to spread the job around so more people can contribute to the community.  When everyone is contributing and not sitting on the sidelines and throwing insults and critiques, things get better!

Don’t be an observer only.  Observe, find a niche, and take responsibility!  Go and DO SOMETHING!

Basement boy

I used to worry about my boys living in basements.  My oldest moved from couch to basement to couch of his friends, and enemies, and anyone enamored with his amazing charisma that would allow him lodging.  He now has an apartment.  Yay!  My middle boy and his wife and 2 kids live in her parents’ basement…but because of the declining health of the parents.  My youngest lives in my basement due to the fact that he can only get a part time job in fast food.  He says he’s been applying lots of places.

But guess what I figured out!  Jesus was a basement boy!  Yup.  There are no records of him leaving home to get married.  He did have a lot of marriage stories, and his mom dragged him to one in Capernaum and they ran out of wine.  Maybe she was trying to hint, “Boy, ya’ll need to get married and out of my basement!”  But he was hanging with his crew and wandering about the country from the time he was 30.  Now if you were Jesus, would you want the Pharisees and Saducees to go after your Wife and Kids?  No?  Well, then best not to get married.  Also there’d be this succession thing after he died…

Anyway, so I’m not worried about my boys anymore.  Jesus turned out all right.

They say that the average life expectancy in 1st century Jerusalem was about 45 years, but all that means is that someone that was born in 1st century Jerusalem could expect to live 45 years on the average.  That’s because infant mortality was high.  So for every man that lived to 80, there was one that died before he was one.  But life span could be anywhere from 50-70 years or longer depending on the type of work you did.  So here was Jesus, and he didn’t have his own shop (at least no one’s found any evidence that he had one) and was 30 already!  His disciples were mostly teenagers except for Peter who would have been about 20.  Let’s look at Jesus then:  he was a 30 year-old with a lot of wisdom and he recruited teenagers…guessing the age of immortality 15-19 and one 20 year old.  He was Peter Pan!  He had some older followers (Nicodemus) true, but if you want to get some people with fire in their bellies, get teenagers!  They were inspired, and diligent, and committed.  This doesn’t sound like any teenagers I know.  They risked everything and though some were martyred early, some lived to be in their 60’s.  John spent a great deal of time at Patmos in seclusion.  He was in his 90’s when he died they think.  But if he was a teenager when he joined the disciples, he could have been in his 80’s…

So all my basement boys are following an interesting example, though I don’t think they’re doing it on purpose.  I’m optimistic.

Robo calls

buzz, buzz, buzz.

Who do I know from Las Vegas?  Nobody.  No voicemail

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Who do I know from California?  Nobody.  No voicemail

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Rhode Island?

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Omaha.  Better answer this:  “If I could save you money on your automatic peat dispenser…” No, I don’t have an automatic peat dispenser.  Voice doesn’t stop, doesn’t answer questions, doesn’t ask questions…

*Slowly sinks into madness…Tim Curry maniacal look on face 

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

I text, “I’m on my way.”

Reply from phone:  “Who is this?”

“You called, I answered, just getting into the car”

“You’re coming here?”

“Of Course.”

“How do you know where to go?”

“I’ve been waiting for your call…I’ve been following you for weeks!  I can hardly wait to see you face to face!”

“Who is this really?”

“Look at your last call.  The one at 10:42.  It’s me!”

“Well you don’t know where I live do you!  I’m leaving!”

“I know you’re not.  You don’t even have your coat on.  It’s freezing out here!  I don’t want you to catch cold and end up in the hospital like last year.”

“Wait, how did you know about that?”  I don’t know but it was a 50/50 shot…

“Apparently this phone scam doesn’t pay all that well.  That’s a really messed up car!  Did you get it at an auction?”

“How do you know what kind of car I have?!!!”

“Drone…”  I play a youtube video in the background so he hears the drone sound.

He hangs up.  I call him back.  He doesn’t answer.  I call him periodically through out the day.

“I knocked, but you didn’t answer.  I’m right around the corner when you’re ready.”

I called back today, phone is disconnected.

A MAJOR Award!

I was nominated by floatinggold.  Wow!  What an honor!  I don’t get nominated for much so this is really amazing!  Thankyou!

No Not this one:


This one! 

Check her blog:

She is participating in the NaNoWriMo and I’m anxious to see what she wrote in that.  I also participated and got my 50K words, but I can’t seem to find a satisfactory ending.


  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

In answer to her questions:


  1. What scares you?  When my kids are driving in bad weather, even though they’re not “kids” anymore.
  2. If you could guarantee living until you’re 100 years old, would you?  There’s So much I want to see and experience yet!  There is so much I need to do.  Absolutely would want to live to 100, but am fine if I don’t make it.
  3. What would your dream vacation be like?  I’ve had several dream vacations:  Alaskan Cruise, 3 International Choir Festivals (Coventry, Bern, and Rome), National Parks, State Parks… Each vacation I take starts out as a dream, and when we go, I journal it so I can remember what I took pictures of, how I felt, who was with me, what we did, what we ate, what new thing I learned every day.
  4. What’s your morning routine?  Routine?  People have routines?
  5. What is your biggest motivation?  Looking forward to a completed project, a trip, an accomplishment, a new certification.
  6. What is your favorite time of day and why? I love mornings, it’s quiet so I can think.  Sometimes I have special coffee or tea.  I write or read or think.
  7. When do you write most and why? (day of week, time of day, etc.) I write all times of the day.  If I’ve had a revelation during the night, I write like a mad woman in the morning so I don’t forget.  If I’m having a conversation with someone and they say something that sounds like one of my characters, I rush home to get it down.  If I’m scrolling through Facebook and I catch something really bizarre, I think about it for a while and then write something in my blog.

I’d like to nominate:



When I read their posts, I’m always uplifted and more positive.  They bring sunshine into my life.

These are my questions:

  1. Where do you feel the happiest?  How does being there make you happy?
  2. What inspires you most?
  3. What is your favorite type of weather?
  4. If you could live for a month anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  5. What is the favorite activity you do with your best buds?
  6. What have you always wanted to do that’s still on your bucket list?
  7. Is it the journey or the destination that’s most important to you?
  8. If you could fix one mental thing about yourself, what would it be and why?
  9. Have you ever laughed hard enough to have milk come out of your nose?
  10. What age group do you love the most?
  11. When my grandmother was born, there were no cars or planes or interstates or computers, and she lived through 2 world wars.  If you live to be 100, what changes would you expect to see?  (Yes you may use your crystal ball.)


Russian Toilet

Let me set the scene

2001.  I was a stockbroker with Ameritrade before they combined with TD Waterhouse.  I had just broken my hip…it had split down the spike of my artificial hip, so this would be my second of three operations on the same hip.

Our bathroom had this lovely mosaic tile on the wall next to the tub.  There was a shower curtain rod that encircled the tub, but no separation between the sink and the shower.  It also had a standard toilet (not Russian.) Because I still had 3 kids at home, the shower was used extensively.  We all took showers because we were time bound getting to school and work every day.  Yup, just the one bathroom for two adults and five kids when we first moved in.  The upshot of this constant usage was that the drywall under the mosaic was not designed for this constant hot water/steam exposure and started to bow out.  Then the little tiles started popping off and those little buggers hurt when you step on them.  If you had the lights on in the bathroom when you were showering, water from the shower that escaped the curtain landed on the light bulbs over the sink and they would explode in spectacular fashion!  Getting out of the tub, you’d have to make sure you didn’t have tile stuck to your foot and didn’t step on glass.  It was tough on feet.  The floor covering was carpet and didn’t dry very well with all this use, so the floor by the tub and the toilet started to go.

We needed a bathroom remodel!  The room next to the bathroom was a bedroom that we converted to an office.  The closet for that room was in the wall that adjoined the bathroom.  Since we didn’t need that closet, we moved the bathroom wall and added a divider wall between the sink and the bathtub.  Our contractor was a very nice guy and when he was done, it was wonderful!  Nice marble counter top for the sink, big cabinet for all the bathroom stuff, linoleum floor, bathtub surround with grab bars, a sliding door to keep the water in the shower, a nice raised toilet to accommodate my hip situation, and now a closet for towels and bathroom supplies like mops and toilet paper and such.  It was soooo cool!

Well, we assumed our contractor was done because he quit coming around.  He had died of cancer.  There were a few things he hadn’t completed.  The linoleum under the sink was not finished.  It was not sealed to the base of the cabinet and it started to curl.  Likewise, the joint of the linoleum and the bathtub wasn’t sealed, so it started to curl.  When the sliding door on the tub started to wear out, you couldn’t get the replacement rollers, so we had to take it out.  It was replaced by a curtain.  The curtain didn’t keep the water at the shower head end from escaping so it got under the linoleum and hastened its curling and water damage to the floor underneath.

In an effort to conserve our water, we got a low-flow toilet.  It was the early years so they weren’t as efficient and so now we had to flush everything twice.  It clogged easily.  When it overflowed, as it did about one to two times a month, this water also got under the linoleum.

2018:  We have a situation.  The floor next to the toilet is soft.  If you’ve read my previous articles, you’ll know that I went from a svelt 190 pounds after my second operation to nearly 220 and am fighting heroically to lose those pounds.  My husband likewise has ballooned up to over 320.

Last week, when I deposited my bulk on the toilet, it seemed to tip.  This is not good.  Thus the title of this lovely tome:  Russian Toilet.  Now if you pronounce it like toilette in French, you may have a glimmer as to the conclusion I came to this morning.  Which one of us will find ourselves sitting on a toilet on top of our washing machine in the laundry room?  Click…whew, not today!  Going to gym, then to dinner, and then the movies…they have toilets!


Creative Writing: Talking with a Tortoise

Talking with a tortoise


Hello Tortoise.  Nice to see you again!


Happy birthday!  121 years!  That’s quite an accomplishment!


How are you celebrating?


No cake?  No party?


Can I join you at your birthday lettuce?


How many invitations did you send out?

9.  Just…around…this…rock.


Bob?  Call…9…1…1!

Happy Birthday Tortoise!




Turn about is fair play.  Let’s visit Super Villains Anonymous.

Hello.  I’m Thanos.  And I’m a super villain.

Hello?  Hello?  Anyone here?

Hmmm.  It appears that there may be many super villains but none of them wish to be anonymous.  I guess I get all the danish and coffee.  Wait, this smells funny.  Oh REALLY?  Someone put Ex Lax in the coffee?  And is that cocaine instead of powdered sugar on the danish?  Really?!

*Snaps fingers.  A small pile of dust appears in the corner of the room leaving a small bag with a recorded laugh.*