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Spring in Nebraska

Spring in Nebraska

How do I know?

I just found a Robin…

Dead in the snow

Spring in Nebraska

How would you know?

Tomorrow’ll be 90 or

40 below.

Spring in Nebraska

How does it go?

Parka above

Flip Flops below!

Spring in Nebraska?

It isn’t slow

2 minutes in and

1 minute to go!



Who’s canning all of a sudden?

Everyone uses toilet paper.  Panic buys of toilet paper aren’t considered crazy.

Some people prefer to make their own bread. So those people that see the emptying shelves of bread bake their own. Thus, the shortage of yeast. This isn’t crazy.

Who’s canning? Did you start a garden because the apocalypse is coming? When? March? Before everything got closed? April when they said it would be peaking? May when they said it would be over and it wasn’t? June was too hot. What could you have possibly suddenly planted? *crickets* OK, so nobody suddenly decided to start a garden and learn how to can produce.

Ah! People are starting to ferment gin in their bathtubs and Strawberry wine. But there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of fermenting jars or wine bottles. You miss sauerkraut and the stuff they sell in cans just isn’t up to snuff so… Nope because there’s no shortage of cabbage.

I have been looking for pint mason jars for a month. NOBODY HAS ANY! I found some purportedly at my local Walmart. I ordered them for pickup. When you order for pickup, you have to spend $35, so I got socks, tea, and sure jell which was in short supply in the grocery stores in addition to 2 cases of jars for my jam and jelly. I went to pick them up. “TADA! Your order is ready. *by the way we’re out of mason jars, but everything else is ok.” BASTIDS! If you say you have jars in stock, you better have jars in stock. I found (ok, kid found) about 8 jars that have been emptied. But my plums may be coming in on Monday. The search continues.

I’m not going to get my salsa canned without jars, or corn or beans, or peaches or

I’m gonna go cry a bit.


wow what a workout

Yesterday, I posted what my trainer had me do.  Today, I’m FEELING IT.  But I had work to do, so I did it.  My helper, Bubba, and I hoed the roses, dug up the deceased ones (may they compost in peace), brought in more dirt, then planted 1 climber (surprise, surprise!  one of the climbers was NOT dead!) 2 dark orange roses, and 2 mini yellow/white roses.  Then we covered it in mulch.  I also used the round-up on all the dam mulberry trees that have sprouted, and all those little grasses trying to sneak into our brick patio.  It took about 2.5 hours!  I’m exhausted!  So no problem, I’ll just lie down for a 20-30 min nap.  3 hours later… ya, I slept through lunch.  Tomorrow, I’m getting a trellis and putting the other climber on the side of the house, digging up the remaining irises that came back, and trying to think of something I can plant on that strip between the sidewalk and the road.  I also have another training session tomorrow.  I hope I can MOVE!