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It’s raining

It’s Pouring, the Old Man is Snoring…

Ok I’m snoring.  I’m lying on my side in the Physical Therapist’s office on a padded table with a heating pad on my leg.  It’s really heavy and it’s moist heat.  *beep*  Time for the ultra sound.  zzzzzzz.  *beep*  “Were you sleeping?”  Me?  No.  Why do you ask?  “Because normally people who are awake don’t snore.”  oh

She really really worked my IT band–the tendon that connects the hip and the knee.  Iliotibial band it’s called.  I’m cross-eyed in pain…and also I don’t have my glasses on so I may not be cross-eyed, just blurry.  ANYWAY, after the torture comes the exercises.  Leg lift with 2 lb. weights, side lift with same weight (OWIE!  that one’s hard.)  Hamstring stretch 3 x at 30 seconds.  Leg extensions with 3 lb weight.  Leg curl with blue band resistance.  Calf stretch 3 x at 30 seconds.  Hip glider machine, 3 springs, 15 times.  Sideways stepping, marching then on to the box.  It’s 4″ box I step up on my bad leg, touch my right toe and then step back down.  15 of those.  After that, I step up on my bad leg and then continue forward and step down on my good leg.  15 of those.  5 min on the tread mill, lvl 1.

Then I walk out of the office.  I don’t limp for a good 45 min after that.  Then I sit down and of course it tightens up again, but I’m not limping as bad.  But it’s raining.  I have to limp fast to get to the car!  So I am making measurable progress.

I do have a question though.  You all know how hard it is for me to loose weight.  Very strict diet, and I do as much exercise as I can given my current physical state.  Do the probiotics work?  Could I have a digestive problem instead of a calorie problem?


Just when you think it’s a habit

Time just is NOT in anyone’s control.  That is a myth!  Anyone who says that they practice Time Management is deluded.  Time happens.  The only thing you can attempt to manage is you.  Wake up, eat something, go to gym, done!  Come home, blog, and now you have the rest of the day to get your work done, and play and and and and ….  OK, I’m in the groove!  I don’t have to think!  BAM!  So wrong.

Friday was like that.  I had everything planned out.  I got up, had something to eat and now it’s 10:00?  Oh, I did my puzzle and my jumble…  but that didn’t take an hour did it?  Hmmmm, no, it took 1 1/2 hrs.  HOW?  Ok, the roofing guy is coming at 10:30 so I gotta get home.  Do some Toastmasters stuff while I wait for him….   and wait… and… OMG it’s NOON?  (Got a call from him this morning–Saturday–apologizing for not getting over here.  He’s coming on Monday now.)  I have to get to the University for a demo meeting for Toastmasters!  I better change clothes and get my pin on!  Hubby’s here, off we go!  GREAT MEETING!  but the organizer likes to talk and bent our ears for almost 35 min after the meeting got out. So NOW it is after 3 and we haven’t had lunch.  Now it is after 4 and I have a lesson in 1 hr, so I can’t go to the gym, and I still have to do my report for the District Exec Committee tomorrow!  Great lesson, she’s fun to teach, but now it’s 6 and I have to leave for training in 1/2 hr.  I’ll work on my report until it’s time to leave.  OMG it’s 7:30?  Meeting is starting NOW!  So I missed that too.  Waiting on stuff for my report and now the offices are closed, so I don’t have what I need to do the report.  I don’t want to go to the gym, and it’s cold so I don’t want to walk…besides walking outside tends to cramp my lower back.  Poof!  Day gone.

NOT going to do that today!  I had to prepare a report for this morning, so I printed out what I had and gave that.  The meeting went from about 8:00 to noon.  Hubby and I went to VI for breakfast.  Then we went to the gym. 🙂  I was supposed to do cardio and strength today.  I opened my bag… no shoes. 😦  Sooooo, I did strength training.  Crunches, mini planks (to my elbows and knees instead of hands and toes) then triceps curls, shoulder presses, and rows with 10 pound weights sitting on ball.  Then went over to the machines and did single leg extensions at 30 lbs, followed by single leg curls at 30 lbs.  Then we went to see Godzilla.  Recliner seats, 2 feet from the screen and staring straight up.  About 1/2 way into the movie, my feet cramped!  My toes on both feet were trying to cross each other!  and then my left forearm cramped adjusting the seat.  Really?  Really?!!!!  Oh C’MON!  Got home and took a 1/2 hr nap that lasted 2 1/2 hrs.  QED