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Our Home Page/Glacier National Park/Iceberg Lake Trail/P7121455 Iceberg  Lake trail, Glacier National Park, MT July 12, 2009

Cool breeze

Mottled sunlight through the trees


footsteps on gravel

A shiver in the cool mountain air

Alone with my thoughts

Doubts, fears, disappointments

Long hike

Clear my head?

Not working

Dark and quiet

A sigh and the trail disappears

Just around the curve


The mountains loom!

The flowers in bloom!

A riot of color!

Miniscule flowers

Sound of bees.

A warmth of the sun

The deep turquois of the lake

Little icebergs floating nonchalantly

My troubles are like those icebergs.

White and beautiful on the turquois lake

It’s the contrast that makes the lake beautiful

It’s the troubles that make me realize how

amazing this life is.

I don’t fear the dark forest

I close my eyes and see the meadow.