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Um huh?

So we were having a meeting at a grocery store…yes they have meetings there.  They have to train people remember!  And of course there’s a potty break.  1 bathroom for 15-20 women…

Never mind the logistics, this was what was weird:  There was a poster inside the door that said, “Look before you flush.”  Well that was intriguing.  Aren’t we supposed to look before we sit?  That would make more sense.  Some kid might have thrown a matchbox car in there.  But no, food store restroom…so not likely.  I read the poster.  It described poo.  Yup.  Consistency, shape, and illustrations.  (Really?!!!)  And then it compared the picture to items of food!  Jelly beans, sausage, hot dogs, soup.  ACK!  I guess that’s appropriate if you’re working with food.  Makes you look at carrots differently the rest of the day though.  The poster then grouped them and suggested remedies…drink more water, check for fever, etc.

Very educational poster, but not sure why it’s in a food store bathroom.  Now here’s the thing:  the toilet had an automatic flush.  How do you look when the “product” is already down the hole before you turn around?

Imagine walking by the bathroom and hearing, “Wait!  WAIT!!!  Dammit!  OK then, I’ll be back after lunch!  Stupid toilet!”

Thoughts on a physical Labor job

By Ward, my son:

I take a shower everyday
Look at these wounds
These bumps
These scratches
These cuts
They each have a story
A lesson
Some more so than others
But i learn from them
I get better
I heal
And i think every morning

Not today
You will not break me today

Whether those lessons are mental or physical
They will not break me
I will learn and live on…

Smoke gets in your eyes, retasked

They asked me how I knew

Walking, I must doooooooooo…..oh oh

I of course replied

Stomach over-rides

Must now be denied!


They said someday I’ll find

I have over-dined, oh no!

Calories you burn

Tend to then return

Sweat gets in your eyes.


So I Huffed and then I bravely puffed

upon my big hill trail, (gasp…gasp)

And today, the chiggers had their way,

I have not lost a pound!


Now, laughing friends deride

bite marks on my hide!  (Scratch…scratch)

As my red skin fries

And my momentum dies…

Sweat gets in my eyes.



I had a wonderful time at Ant Man and Wasp!  Such innovative fight choreography!  Such fun in the imaginative scenery going to the quantum level…but

The shrinking technology is based on the assumptions that you are reducing the space between atoms.  There is a reason that certain distances between atoms exist.  The inner pressure of the atom prevents incursion of other atoms.  It is like stuffing people into an elevator.  If you were to put all the people into a blender, they wouldn’t take up as much room and then you could put more people into the elevator.  I could see how the blender might be objectionable to people going to meetings or on their ways home.  The fact is this:  even if you eliminated the space between people, the mass of the people would remain unchanged.  500 pounds of people is 500 pounds of people, whether intact or blended.

(I have to apologize, I’ve been watching too many “Bones” episodes.  So this gooey example may not entice you to read the rest of the blog.  Have no fear!  There are some funny moments coming!  Read On!)

What does that do for our plot?  A couple of things come to mind.  How heavy do you think a building is?  Tons and tons right?  So if they shrank the lab building, even if they managed to put it on a dolly or hand cart, it would crush the hand cart and you still would be unable to move it.  Superman would have problems with it.  Not even John Cena could do it.  So we suspend our belief for just that moment where they shrink the building, put it on a hand cart and throw it in the back of the van.  (Picture the bottom of the van hitting the pavement with the front up in the air, all 4 tires crushed.)  Then they try stealing it, grabbing this building and throwing it around.  We’re talking tons of steel, glass and concrete being caught one handed by someone who has problems moving their luggage in the airport.  Wait, it gets better.  Our heroes get the building back and in order to escape the bad guys, shrink the van they’re driving with the building inside.  It is now matchbox sized and that makes a 30 story building the size of a dime.  When you get that many atoms into that small a space, wouldn’t the temperature go up?  They’d have to do some major Air conditioning to cool it so it wouldn’t explode.

Here’s the kicker…this building is sitting in our sidekick’s LAP.  Think about it.  You have a multi-ton building with temperatures approaching several 1000 degrees sitting in this guy’s lap.  I’m thinking this might be a tad uncomfortable.

Then our heroes shrink themselves down to the quantum level.  Wait.  Quantum physics involves energy and particles on a scale smaller than atomic scale.  So you’re taking something made of atoms and making it smaller than atoms.  What could go wrong?  What happens when you shrink the distance between the atoms and then compress the atoms to be smaller than atoms?  Black hole?  oops.  Then you release the pressure on the guy to let him return to regular size.  I’m not sure any release of the pressure could be gradual, and you are moving from nano-sized to human sized in a matter of seconds…  Sounds like an explosion to me.  Think mushroom cloud.

What happens when he expands to 60 some feet?  Same number of molecules in his body, just further apart.  Like a balloon.  I would think he’d have some cohesion challenges.  “Oh NO!  My head just floated away!”  Lord help him if he sneezes!  He could blow himself into another county!

So yeah, it was a very enjoyable movie and I fully intend to buy the DVD when it comes out.  But, consequences people.  Consequences!


I’m messed up

My world view has skewed.  I was watching (with tears in my eyes) the story of 3 little kids in this impoverished country.  The little boy was about 10 or 12 and had 2 little sisters.  Every day, they had to walk 2 miles to get water.  The path has snakes that can kill you if they bite you, so the little boy goes in front to make sure the path is safe for his sisters.  All the kids are sick, the water is not really safe to drink.  None of the kids has had anything to eat all day.  “Send money!  for $19.00/month, you can send $190 worth of food and medicine to save these children!”  If you don’t get out your checkbook right away, they will guilt you some more.  Food for the Poor will give 95% of the donations to the poor and save so many lives!

I didn’t get out my checkbook.  I didn’t do a money order.  I didn’t go on line to the site and pledge my undying support.  I didn’t adopt these poor kids.  I am a HORRIBLE person.

What I was thinking was this:  If you give them food and medicine, are they any less poor?  They are alive but dependent.  What happens when the shipment of food or medicine is derailed or delayed?  What happens if this charity goes under?  What happens if the economy bottoms out and donors are harder to find?  They’re still poor.  They are still desperate.  We just don’t feel guilty for having water and food and jobs and clothing and shelter any more.

What would happen if we sent a pair of goats or sheep or whatever indigenous food-type animal there–something that wouldn’t cost much to raise and would still be able to feed these people?  What would happen if they were taught to make flamboyant t-shirts to sell to rich Americans?  They could make as many or as few as they wanted.  What if we investigated their folklore on medicinal plants and learned how they survived up to that point?  Their ancestors had a reason for settling in that place.  Has it changed so much that it no longer supports that community?  Do they need to relocate (preferably closer to the water)?  Do they just go get water and sit and wait in their inadequate housing to die?  I can’t believe they would.  Could they make products out of the surrounding materials that they could sell?  Could they start farming crops that grow in that environment?  Don’t they have a shaman or wise person in the village that can teach the children?  Since they obviously do not have contact with modern societies, why would they need a stereotypical school?

Why is it our duty to “save” these people?  What if our idea of salvation is their idea of obliteration of their culture and their way of life?

Could we survive without TV’s, computers, internet, cars, fast food?  If we were suddenly plunged into a life like that, would these people who live without these critical objects show us how to live on nothing?  If I was living like them,  I would point and laugh and whisper, “City Folk..,” but then I’d help them anyway.  How can we help these unfortunates if we don’t change their living conditions?  How do we make them Not Poor?

Instead of just sending donations, can we send people to improve their living conditions?  Doctors without Borders brings health care to people in need, but then they leave.  Do they train people to take their places?  Do they teach people how to MAKE the medicines and how to treat infections?

Once again, these desperately poor people didn’t just appear.  Their ancestors survived there.  Why can’t they?  What would it take to make them self sufficient?  You can’t just throw money at them and change their fates!

So I am a HORRIBLE person.  I want to fix the cause, not just treat the symptom.

The Sketch

7th grade art class assignment:  We’re going outside to the bridge to draw a tree.


The bridge was rickety, it was plain.

It crossed a creek you could step over.

But the trees around it were tall and stately,

So we all drew tall stately trees.

The instructor was drawing as well.

But when he finished, we knew exactly which tree he’d drawn.

Ours were blobs of green on brown sticks.

He smiled and said, “Draw the space between the leaves,

Draw what you don’t see.”

THEN we drew our trees.

He taught us how to see.