Musings on weird things

What does it take to attract people to your cause?

If you look at the political campaigns, the people running for president are making promises they have no authority to make. One man cannot change a whole system to his vision of free tuition and affordable health care if he’s the only one with the vision. One man cannot make America great again if he has no support. Why do we elect one person that says all the right things and does all the right things and then turn around and elect people that are diametrically opposed to this guy?

When Barak Obama was elected, 1/2 of his constituency was trying to UNelect him…They were looking for birth certificates, they were accusing him of being a secret terrorist. They wasted 4 years trying to reverse the election, and then when he was REelected, they spent the next 4 years trying to discredit him. Did our representatives actually get any work done?

When Donald Trump was elected, 1/2 of HIS constituency was trying to UNelect him…to the point of impeachment. But being impeached means nothing if the guy retains his office. Clinton was impeached but not removed. But he was in his 2nd term and just finished it out. Andrew Johnson was also impeached but not removed, and also finished out his term. He was only in office for the one term.

What’s different? Mr. Trump is not backing out of a run for a second term. Did he do something illegal? Something that was contrary to the country’s interests? Something outside of the scope of his office? He traded military support for Ukraine for information about his political opponent. Or did he? The house of representatives believed he did, the Senate did not think it was an offense that merited removal from office. What most people didn’t realize is that the trial for the senate is not a trial like a civil or criminal trial. The case is presented and witnesses and depositions are prepared for the House investigation. It is not a grand jury trial, it’s an actual trial. The Senate looks at the proceedings and determines whether or not the verdict of the house merits removal of the president from office. This is much like an appeals court.

Now, most people would be embarrassed and just back down to a less conspicuous role. But instead, he’s running for a second term.

Here’s the thing. If you were to use all the consultants and to follow all the polls and do everything you could to get elected, you’d end up like John Cain…who lost. Mr. Trump did exactly the opposite of what we’ve come to expect from a suave, sophisticated, politically savvy candidate. He’s been crude, insensitive, and ill-informed and he doesn’t care how he comes off. He doesn’t care who gets offended. He tweets all the time and some of these contradict each other. He’s famous for ripping people off especially when they cannot afford to face him in court. Whom does he attract? The very people that he’s marginalized! The women, the working poor, the people of color? What does he do? He mocks his detractors from his lectern. He tweets disparaging remarks about his opponents. Does that grant him Authenticity like in the clip above? Is that what people are looking for instead of the slick caricatures that have been the objects of focus groups, pollsters, and consultants to make a common person with vision and leadership skills into something akin to an “electable candidate?” This guy, Mr. Trump, not only ignored the advice, he did the exact opposite! But he attracts enough people to win an election.

You understand that the movement to “kill the rich” is impossible when the only way you can get control of the country is to spend millions and millions of dollars? If you have unlimited resources, then, you can buy the presidency and you don’t need to appeal to anyone. 40% of the country didn’t even vote.

Give us Sam Elliot in a bar in his jeans and workshirt with his down-to-earth opinions and his approach to adversity. Oh, and give him a great speechwriter, and a fantastic cast and crew. We could all vote on FaceBook and not have to leave the comfort of our homes or even put our phones down. And, because FaceBook has anti-scam software, there wouldn’t be duplicated or lost votes. Even Millenials could vote, and you could have places to call to have a Millenial vote for you if you feel uncomfortable using a Smart device. It could work.

Reminds me of a joke…2 Irishmen walk out of a bar.  It could happen!

Wail Oil Beef Hooked.

2 thoughts on “Musings on weird things

  1. See? People that SHOULD be embarrassed about their behavior simply aren’t, and it doesn’t affect the way people think. I would be embarrassed if I was caught in a lie. I would be embarrassed if I spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money pursuing something that nobody supported and made no difference in people’s perceptions. We have lost the ability to recognize bad behavior in ourselves and we show no remorse or embarrassment. This is a bad thing.

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