Apocalypse musings

In a world…

People are unusually opportunistic and resourceful. We all take that for granted.

Take the Zombie Apocalypse for instance.

An enterprising guy decides to have a delivery service so that people stuck in their bunkers can get resupplied with guns and ammo, bats, chain saws, and canned food without going outside.  He designs and builds a zombie proof car that runs on solar power. (I leave that up to the special effects crew.) Then he makes his own commercials and puts them on You Tube and copies everyone on his WordPress and Face Book accounts.

“Don’t want to leave the house?” Shows a zombie walking his zombie dog. A squirrel appears and the dog starts to chase it and pulls the zombie’s arm off. The zombie stands there stupidly and calls out, “Brains? Brains! You come back here, Right NOW!” The zombie dog pays no attention. Shows another zombie without arms staring at his mail box stuffed with mail. Shows another zombie jogging and getting clothes  lined by a low hanging branch. Top half falls off and legs keep going. Narrator continues, “Now you can get your shopping done on line and I will bring it to your house!” Shows Zombie machine driving through a neighborhood and the zombies with arms (including the upper half of the jogger) are waving. Our hero, in a zombie-proof suit, jumps out of the car and runs up with a package and rings the doorbell. He looks into the camera. “No more desperate runs, no more using up ammo to get canned peas! I can get your supplies to you so you don’t have to leave the safety of your bunker. And with this coupon,” he says raising a bright yellow coupon to the camera, “you can get an extended subscription to CBS All-Access and Netflix for free with your next order!” Shows zombie kicking tires of zombie machine. Foot falls off.

I have no doubt that services like this will arise during the Coronapocalypse. Somebody will figure it out and make a killing… oops bad choice of words.

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