What if we could see…


What if we could see

Through a child’s eyes?

Kids Looking at Bugs Stock Photos, Images & Photography | Shutterstock

The wonder

The curiosity

The smallest thing to the grandest panorama.

What if we could see

Through an elder’s eyes?

11,305 Wise Old Man Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

The cause and effect

The heart of a person

The presence of a Spirit that

connects all human beings?

What if we could see

Through God’s eyes?

Veil Nebulae

Timeless continuity

The ballet of the universe

The vision of the child

The insight of the elder

What do you see?

3 thoughts on “What if we could see…

  1. I like this a lot. I ponder on the same many a times. A beautiful poem

    A child sees in purity and clarity. Innocent and free from the world’s corruption and faults of the senses. The elderly sees the truth and God unfolding in everything, understands that everything is connected and that the dots connects backwards. God sees the beauty of the life He created, the dance of consciousness and the evolution of the soul connecting back to Him


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