It IS Measurable Progress!

Last post, I mentioned my new KETO diet. There are problems with the program in that it gives me bacon-wrapped avocados for breakfast every morning. I keep substituting and then the next day…there it is again. Argh. But I’m starting to get intuitive about my meal planning now. I’m getting used to certain taste combinations like tomatoes and spinach. I haven’t engaged in the required resistance training at this point. No excuse.

So, my last post was Feb 22, and I weighed 215.

Progress in 1 month?

March 22, I’m at 209! That is more weight lost in 1 month than I did in a year over the last 5 years of this blog site. How interesting!

May 14, I’m at 202!

3 thoughts on “It IS Measurable Progress!

  1. I started gaining when I had my hip replaced in 1993. At that time, I was dancing 3-5 hours per day, and after replacement, I couldn’t dance at all. I have another 60 pounds to go, Thank you for the encouragement!

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