If you eat a certain way, then your blood sugar reflects it.

If you exercise, your muscles respond.

If you keep track of your calories in and calories expended, you know why you’re gaining or losing weight.


Why doesn’t it work then?

I eat Keto, and my blood sugar is all over the map.

I exercise, and my muscles get sore, but not stronger.

I keep track of my calories and in order to lose weight, I’d have to eat 1 egg, 1 piece of bacon, and 1/2 tomato, and be done for the day. I only have 200 cal of activity per day.

My watch says my stress level is up. How? I’m just sitting and reading!

Biology, then, is not predictable with any degree of accuracy. What a shock!


3 thoughts on “If/Then

  1. Things aren’t as predictable as one would expect. Thermometers don’t even give the same readings. (I have two of them.) The diet I’m on now consists of three parts: (1) intermittent fasting for about 18 hours a day. (2) not eating foods on Steven Gundry’s do not eat list (such as corn) (3) eating foods on his do eat list (such as sweet potatoes). It seems to work (for me), but I once tried keto and it didn’t quite cut it. If you are interested in the list of foods to eat and to avoid you can find them by searching “dr-gundrys-print-friendly-yes-no-lists”. Best wishes.


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