Aftermath… that’s usually Biology or lunch right?  I survived my work out, and went to bed exhausted.  Next day… arms are a bit sore, but not bad.  I had my helper come over and we planted a rose garden, killed all the mulberry trees, put in 3 hrs of work.  Went to gym and did about 30 min on the cardio… 10 min tread mill, 20 min on elliptical.  By that time, again, I’m exhausted.  I go home and hubby takes me out to dinner!  I had the burnt ends appetizer.  It was sooooo good, but I didn’t need a whole meal.  (Pats self on back)  Then we went to see “1m ways to die in the west.”  It’s a Seth McFarlane, so it’s crude and raunchy and we laughed most of the way through the movie.  Needed that this week, but, we’re sitting in the seats and I’m dehydrated. My feet start to cramp, then my arms start to cramp.  I seem to be more sore than I was that morning.  So THIS morning…my arms don’t want to move at all, and my helper is coming over again!  Planted 1 more rose in front of house, moved the sod to the place where the trash bin was, re-killed all the mulberry trees, pulled the grass in the bush and iris in front, dug up all the iris on that green strip between the sidewalk and the street.  THEN I went to my training session.  “Please, oh PLEASE, can we do lower body?”  “um…. ok do these assisted squats, then we’ll work on your abs (by doing a wood chopper which requires arm work) and triceps pull-downs, and rows for your back (oh and your biceps) and push pulls for your triceps (this is lower body?  sounds like arms to me!) and then some upright push-ups and some lat pulls (which also work your biceps and triceps)  Couldn’t finish the last set of exercises.  I have problems driving home because it’s difficult to keep my arms up to grip the steering wheel.  I take comfort in that the rest of the evening will be easy…making apricot jam, giving a guitar lesson, and going to training. 

VIB Perfect balance breakfast

Chicken Taco Salad (no bowl)

Sweet and sour chicken

16 oz water today.  myfitness ap can keep track of that too!

So the Aftermath of my exertions on Wednesday was sore upper body, a rose garden and a new climber, a cleaned up lilac bush with purple iris that haven’t yet bloomed, and no rogue iris in front and 10 pints of apricot jam.  🙂

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