Day 2! whoo hoo!

Oh dear, have I started a trend?  Day 3!  whee!  Day 4!  what a bore…

So today I was worried.  Yesterday I walked 1.18 miles in the rain, even if…  And I hurt when I got home.  Last time, I couldn’t go out the 2nd day because I hurt just walking to my car.  But, I jumped in the car and went over to the Lied Center to do the trail there.  I figured it didn’t have big elevation changes and had plenty of benches.  I started out on the South side of the trail so I’d walk the longest stretch with out benches 1st.  In order to do the challenge, I had to go 1/4 mile further today than yesterday.  That would be 1.43 miles, so I’d walk 1 lap, then go around to the bathrooms and behind the building and that would be about right.  It was!  1.37 miles.  I MADE it!

I had one of those chicken taco salads at Don & Millie’s for lunch.  Went to training session at the gym.

We did step-ups with knee lift on the Bosu for a minute, Wall sit with 12 pound free weight biceps curls for a minute.  Did 1 foot on bosu and lean over and do a 1 arm row with kick back and 10 pound weight 12 reps.  Did 15 wall push-ups.  She had me do 3 sets of these.

Confession time though.  This past weekend, I went to a conference and Saturday, I over ate by 1000 calories.  Messed me up good!  Up to 212.9 now.  Bad bad girl.

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