Unintended Consequences–Thanos snapped

So if you don’t know, Thanos, the big bad scary planet eater (Talk about KETO diet!!!) has acquired all 6 of the infinity stones.  He has a gauntlet that holds them and the result is that when he snaps his fingers, 1/2 of all the living creatures in the universe just disappear into dust.  This includes SHIELD, and the Avengers, and normal people, and all the weird aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and Aasgard…  Now they’ve reduced all our favorite heroes to a manageable number, and all our favorite villains as well.  But…there are always unforeseen consequences.

Picture a middle school.  Mrs. Hightower has just announced a grammar quiz.  She disappears into dust.

Picture a guy in a race car sitting with his window down, about to get a massive ticket.  Policeman disappears.

The bottom layer of the pyramid of cheerleaders disappears.

The pitcher is throwing a shut out and the batter disappears.

The robbers of the bank are disappointed when the bank manager with the safe combination disappears.

Housewife is vacuuming floor and husband gets sucked in.

“Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded…dust pile?”

“If you don’t have that report on my desk in 5 min, you’re fi….”  poof!

Donald is starting to sign the wall bill into law and disappears.

Russia’s FSB disappears and now there are several US government positions that need to be filled.

The cop is cornered in the alley and the drug dealers disappear.

Joel is talking about the rapture and 1/2 of his congregation disappears, and he doesn’t.

Call center for Missing Persons is suddenly understaffed and all the lines are lighting up.

You’re on a crowded plane and the big sweaty guy in the middle seat disappears.

You look out the window on your plane and discover that all the luggage is falling onto the tarmac.

Your stewardess comes over the intercom and says that for some reason, the pilot, copilot and navigator are missing.  It could be a rough landing.

The runner in 3rd place discovers the 1st 2 have disappeared.

“I can’t believe it!  I’ve just cured cancer!  I need to write this down…”  poof!

The nuclear launch codes have been issued, and one of the key operators disappears (with his key.)

Westborough Baptist protesters are surprised to find the funeral attendees have disappeared.

Zombies are disappointed.

Tom Cruise and Simon Peg’s scene in Mission Impossible 12 gets cut short.  No cameramen or stunt doubles.

Ohio State Marching Band doesn’t have a dot for its I.

Now, “You and what army?” takes on an ominous meaning.

All the mimes disappear.  Nobody notices.

All the Macy’s day Balloons are now untethered.

The Metropolitan production of Aida is cancelled.

All Universal Life Insurance salesmen disappear.

All the 2nd violinists in the Chicago Symphony disappear.  Like the mimes, they’re not missed.

Half the Chiefs disappear during half-time of the championship game.  Their performance doesn’t change.

Strange blogger is noting unusual consequences of Thano’s finger snap and doesn’t finish her






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