Definition of OOPS

Oops is what you say when what you have planned to do and what actually happens are 2 different things

Oops is what you say when you fumble or stumble or drop something

Oops is the be-all and catch-all of mistakes small and large that allows you to move on.  A reset, a new starting place, the Opportunity to Outlast Predicaments Sanely. Ok, that’s a stretch…  So Saturday, Dad and I went to breakfast, and we needed something quick so we could get to the kid’s house.  “Mommy, we crashed the car and need a cosigner to get a new one and we have 2 days to do this.”  Of course dear!  (NOT… I had some conditions he had to comply with)  I had more for breakfast since I assumed we wouldn’t get lunch. (OOPS) So we got over to his house and he and his wife and her dad and I went car shopping.  Her Dad is a fount of information and good tips about cars, I am just the fountain of money… I have some and a pretty good credit score.  But we got the car, and headed back to his place.  Dad had had fun with the grandson, and now we needed to go to our Saturday meeting.  No time to rush home and get clothes changed or get sandwiches made, as I had expected, but we ran to Jimmy John’s which I hadn’t expected.  (OOPS) We had a great meeting, and then Dad says, let’s pick up some supper at Old Chicago on the way home.  Never turn down a chance to get free food.  So we went to Old Chicago and I had just an appetizer–chicken strips and honey mustard dip.  I thought I ordered chicken strips.  Maybe it was turkey strips?  20 pound chicken?  It was HUGE!   (OOPS)  No gym today.


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