Just when things are going well…

the car does something weird. I should have known. I was having some issues with my computer, and they talk to each other. When the computer gets messed up, the car goes skiwiffy, and when the car gets messed up, the computer goes on strike. Dad added 2 gig to my computer and that raised the RAM to 1 gig. wait… what? ya, so messed around with it and finally got everything seated properly and now I have 4 gig. It doesn’t turn on…. but now I have 4 gig. Took it to my friend to fix, and this morning, my car’s “Service Brake System” light went on. The brake fluid was low. The shop had replaced the rear break pads, and though the rotors were scored, they were serviceable. They had to bleed off some of the brake fluid and they didn’t replace it. Dam! Had to replace front brakes because they were corroded, fill up the brake fluid, replace a gasket on the crankshaft, and I’ve got about $1800 more repairs to make at a later date. It cost me $500 and all morning.

I am walking to the post office instead of going to the gym. 16 min altogether…

and you hear 3 voices in the audience replying, “16 min”
I had to stop 3 times on the way back because of cramps in my lower back. owie!

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