What did I miss?

Left for a Conference Friday morning.  Not 4 in a mini, but 4 and a cooler in a Focus, and the trunk was so full that I could not have put my cooler or my computer in if I wanted to have clothes for the trip. 7 hrs in that.  I DID offer to take my car as it was big enough that we wouldn’t have been cramped, and could have put the cooler and my cooler and computer and all their luggage and 1 extra body in the trunk.  On the upside, I paid for 1 full tank of gas as part of my mileage expense… $30!!!!!  She only stopped 1 time on the way down and 1 time on the way back. 

I got no exercise on Friday.  I did do about 20 min of line dancing on Saturday however!  🙂

No exercise on Sunday, none on Monday and had best intentions on Tuesday.

I have it all planned out for tomorrow however.

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